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Packing Supplies to Help You Prepare Your Property for Storage

Before hauling your items to POUCH self-storage , you should stock up on Boxes and Packing Supplies. Whether you are storing clothing or furniture, the right supplies enhance the entire storage experience by protecting your items from the elements. Keep reading to see which supplies you should use for your storing needs:

pouch items

Keep your belongings organized inside of the self-storage unit with moving boxes that offer a sturdy way to group your possessions and stack them in an orderly fashion. Available in a wide variety of sizes, POUCH Self Storage offers boxes that give your belongings an added layer of protection inside the already secure unit. In addition, by stacking your boxes upwards it will save you money by not having to rent a larger storage unit.

Markers and Packing Tape
Once you have all of the boxes packed , markers and packing tape allow you to close and label them to keep them organized inside the unit. When you clearly mark the contents of the box on the outside, you can always find what you need inside of the unit.

Furniture Covers
Protect your furniture, mattresses and other items from dust and dirt by stocking up on furniture and dust covers. Furniture covers are great for couches, chairs, mattresses, and even tables. They keep your pieces in the same condition in which you left them so they look great when you are ready to pick them up.

Even though the items in your storage unit remain stationary, tying them together with rope gives you an even greater guarantee that things are less likely to go wrong, shift or fall. Use rope on items you do not plan to use for a long time to keep them securely stored in the unit.

Not only does POUCH Self Storage offer great storage options for Orange County, Pasadena, Rancho Cucamonga and Long Beach, but we also sell a wide variety of useful packing supplies. Come in today to purchase the items you need to feel comfortable with your self-storage unit . For more information on our self-storage options, visit our website @ or call (888) 258-9626.