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POUCH Happening | A Rose

At Anaheim Self Storage, we have a few rose bushes out front next to the sidewalk. The bright colors accent our facility’s façade and are appreciated by the passersby. One woman in particular took notice to a beautiful blossom that caught her eye. She walked up to it and carefully pulled the rose up to her nose, closed her eyes and took in the fragrance. She smiled and proceeded to walk into our office. She came in to ask if we would mind her cutting that particular flower. She explained that her mother loves roses and she would love that one. It was Monday and our landscapers would be here tomorrow and prune the bush anyway. I said of course and even provided her the scissors to accomplish the task. She was delighted. After taking her flower, she returned to the office and returned our scissors. She thanked me for the rose and said she walks by us every day. And, we have a nice looking building. She likes our colors.

A rose