• Pouch San Juan Happening | New Family from Out-of-State


    Pouch Self Storage in San Juan welcomed a new customer from out-of-state! Last week he came in and explained the situation with his transfer at work…His family has been extremely busy the past couple weeks as they make the move and a new life in San Juan Capistrano, California. Fortunately, we (Pouch San Juan) have assisted him with one of the major stresses of his move…finding a storage unit and renting a truck to move his excess furniture and boxes. He was very grateful for our help and couldn’t thank us enough. As the driver, it was a very satisfying experience to see the appreciation he and his family had for Pouch… And his son absolutely loved our new truck!!!

  • How to De-clutter Before Selling Your Home


    The process of putting your home on the market can be involved and exhausting. Taking the time to organize and clean beforehand will help to reduce stress and increase your chances of selling your home. In the following article, we will show you some useful tips, such as using self-storage to help de-clutter your home before selling it.

    Clean Before You Pack

    It’s tempting to throw everything into boxes before your open house , but this creates an enormous amount of clutter that will eventually need to be organized. Instead, do your de-cluttering before you start to pack. This saves you time and money, and you won’t have to move as much into storage.

    Schedule Segments of the House for De-cluttering

    Breaking this project into smaller segments will make it easier to manage. Ideally, have at least a month or two for the entire project, and break it into time blocks of 2 or 3 hours for each segment. For instance, you could do half of the kitchen for a few hours over a weekend, and the second half on another weekend. Remember it’s best to start with the most cluttered room in your home or office to give you more momentum for the remainder of this project.

    Tune In To Yourself to Find Out What You Want to Keep

    Try picking a theme for your life that you would ideally like to live out at your next home or office, such as enjoyment, relaxation, or freedom. Keep this theme in mind as you sort through your belongings. If the item doesn’t fit the theme, donate or sell it. If it only somewhat fits the theme, consider putting it into a your self-storage unit.

    To learn about our “ We Move You Free ” offer, call POUCH Self Storage at (888) 258-9626. We will provide you with the driver, insurance, gas, blankets, dolly, and moving truck; all you have to do is the loading and unloading. We service areas in Orange County, Long Beach, The Inland Empire, and Pasadena since 1979.  You can count on us to make your move “As Easy As it Should Be.” 

  • Document Shredding and Recycling Services at POUCH Self-Storage & Records Management


    As you move, you will inevitably encounter items that need to be shredded or recycled. At POUCH Self Storage and POUCH Records Management, we are more than happy to provide those services for you. Ask us today for a shred or recycle bin for your home or office. Our containers can hold up to 250 pounds of paper, which is equivalent to about 8 or 9 standard file boxes. If you decide to keep your bins, trained individuals will come to your home or office to empty your bins each month. POUCH Self-Storage and POUCH Records Management are committed to your privacy, only the trained certified staff will open your locked shred box when its contents are emptied into the shredding truck.

    If you want to dispose of your paper documents safely and eco-efficiently, contact POUCH Self Storage. Visit our website today to learn about our self-storage, recycling, and paper shredding services . If you have any questions, give us a call at (888) 258-9626.

  • Pouch Anaheim Happening | Referral Program

    Every 3 months Pouch Self Storage Anaheim picks 3 winners for our quarterly contest, the rule is you have to pay your rent on time. When one of our tenants came to collect her prize, a new customer was filling out her contract asked about the staff and facility. The current tenant told the new customer that she has been here for years and the staff is great. She also mentioned our Referral Program. The tenant said she refers friends and family all the time and loves receiving her referral check that is credited to her account. She finished by saying. “I get great service here and they pay me for it!”


  • A Guide to Planning a Long Distance Move

    Packing Boxes

    Moving across the state or country is not an easy task. It requires a great deal of organization, time, and money. Read on to see how calling a reputable self-storage company and proper planning can reduce the cost, effort, and stress of moving,

    Know the Place You Are Moving To

    It’s hard to take stock of your long distance move if you don’t know about the place you’re moving to. Find out how many square feet your new place will be and compare it to how much space you currently have.

    Categorize Your Belongings

    Many people see moving as an opportunity to re-organize or purge their belongings, determining what they do and do not need. As you organize your possessions, put them into the following categories: sell, donate, trash, self-storage. You won’t need to bring anything with you if you haven’t used it for more than a year. But if you really think you will use it eventually, a good option is to bring it with you and place it in self-storage.

    Implement a Schedule

    Draft a schedule so you can break the work into manageable chunks. To minimize the inconvenience of needing to use something that is already packed, start by packing the items you use less often, and finish by packing the stuff you use more often.

    Simplify the Unpacking Process

    Unpacking is a huge chore. To make it easier, number your boxes before you start packing. Then, make an inventory list of what to put in each box. Group similar items so you won’t be digging through paperwork to find the kitchen towels.

    During the moving process you will inevitably locate some items you can’t part with, even if you don’t use them regularly. You can take these items to Pouch Self Storage . If you want, we will even move these things to our storage center for you for free (some restrictions apply) —all you have to do is load and unload your belongings Call us at (888) 258-9626 or visit our website at  www.pouchselfstorage.com to learn more about our “We Move You Free” service for Orange County, Long Beach, Pasadena, and The Inland Empire. 

  • Pouch Victoria Happening | RV Dump Station

    Dump station 001

    Thank goodness for the RV Dump Station, especially on these holiday weekends – this was pretty much the scene all weekend long, dump after dump, and lots of propane sales too!

  • Pouch Fountain Valley Happening | Santa Clause Stops By

    pouch santa

    One tenant came in and said that he forgot his code so he wants to know the numbers so he can get in to his unit.  So I asked him what his name was.  He said, Ho, Ho, Ho….this is my season and you don’t even know my name.  I told him, if you’re Santa Clause, I guarantee, even if you have your flying reindeers, you can’t get in unless you have your code. He then gave me his real name. After this, I told him to wait a little bit and got one of our raffle prizes gave it to him and took his picture.  I said to him, Now you’re a real Santa, you have a gift and on our list, you have access naughty or not.  Happy Holidays!

  • Tips for Packing Your Moving Boxes

    Moving requires a tremendous amount of patience and organization. If you are moving soon, watch this video to learn how to simplify the process of packing and unpacking your moving boxes.

    Before getting started, reinforce your boxes with colored tape. This will protect them and help you know the contents of each box without having to open it up. Be sure to have a generous supply of large Ziploc bags. These bags are an easy and inexpensive way to keep your belongings safe and well organized in each  box. If you know that you will need a certain box as soon as you move in, write “Open Me First,” as a reminder. Watch the video clip for more tips on packing your moving boxes.

    If you are in the process of packing or unpacking and notice items you are not ready to part with, call Pouch Self Storage at (888) 258-9626 to learn about our “We Move You Free” service. This service allows you to load and unload your belongings from your home or office into a safe, secure, affordable storage unit. We serve areas in Orange County, Pasadena, The Inland Empire and Long Beach.