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  • How to Arrange Items in Your Storage Unit

    Renting storage units is an excellent way to store your items without wasting space in your homes or office. However, in order to make the most of your self storage space in Orange, Los Angeles and San Bernardino County, you need to come up with a plan for how you’re going to arrange your items inside of your self storage units. Otherwise, there’s a good chance that you’ll have trouble finding items you need quickly and will only end up doing some serious re-organizing as a result.

    Before you put anything into a self storage unit, make sure the unit is big enough to house all of your belongings. Then decide which boxes or items you won’t need as often as others and designate space towards the back of the unit for them. You should also make sure that all of your things are packed properly, using quality packing supplies so that nothing will get damaged as you move into the unit.

    POUCH Self Storage has storage units of all shapes and sizes. Call us at (800) 378-4598 or visit us at to discover how climate controlled storage can benefit you and to get information on other services we offer.

  • How Many Moving Boxes Do You Need?

    Moving Boxes Moving can be hard work. Fortunately, with the right planning it can go smoothly. If you’re getting ready to move extra belongings into your new home, office or self storage unit in Orange, San Bernardino or Los Angeles County, knowing how many boxes you will need can help ease the moving process.

    Having the right amount of packing supplies can be helpful when moving your things into a new home, office, or storage unit. To estimate the number of boxes you will need, take into account the size of your current space and the amount of belongings each person owns. Judging how many boxes you might need to pack a room, such as the bathroom, can be easier than judging how many boxes each person may need. Observing how much you will move from each room will help you correctly estimate the number of boxes you will need for your move.

    If you are looking to move your items into a storage unit , contact a Self Storage Specialist at POUCH Self Storage at by calling (800) 378-4598, or visiting us online. We have a wide variety of packing supplies and storage units to choose from. We look forward to hearing from you!

  • The Do’s and Don’ts of RV Storage

    Storing your RV

    Driving across the country in your RV visiting great destinations is a great way to see America. Although most people would love to vacation like this year-round, it is not always possible. At some point your RV will have to be packed up and stored away in RV storage in Orange County , Los Angles County and San Bernardino County. Keeping your RV safe when it is not in use is important to ensure you and your family can head out on the road again. Continue reading to know how to properly store your RV so you can enjoy your next vacation.

    The Don’ts of RV Storage
    Keeping your RV safe is the key to storing your RV properly. Unfortunately, many RV owners are storing their RVs in ways that can cause them to be broken into or harmed. Storing your RV in an open area near one’s home is not good for safety, as it is still susceptible to break-ins. Also, when storing your RV it is important you don’t leave it uncovered.

    The Do’s of RV Storage
    Now that you know what not to do when storing your RV, here are some great ways to keep your RV in tip-top shape while storing it. Storing in a storage facility is a wonderful way to ensure its safety. Plus, your neighbors will be happy they do not have to look at it all the time. Also, be sure to unplug all of your appliances so your battery will be fully charged when you get ready to go on your next trip. Finally, investing in a cover is a great way to keep your RV safe from daily elements that can cause wear and tear on your vehicle.

    If you are looking to store your RV safely, call POUCH Self Storage and speak to one of our Self Storage Specialists at (800) 378-4598. We have been storing RVs for more than 30 years. Keeping your property safe is a top priority so you and your family can continue to enjoy wonderful vacations on the road.

  • Getting Your Home Ready to Sell

    Now that the housing market is back in full swing, it is the perfect time to sell your home. Getting your home clean and free of clutter is important for showing to potential buyers. Working with a storage facility to get self-storage near Orange, Los Angeles and San Bernardino Counties can help with this process. Watch this video to learn other ways to get your home ready to sell.

    Keeping your home free of clutter will make your home more inviting for potential buyers. Hiring a maid service to clean and remove any items that may clutter your home is a wonderful way to get ready to sell. People overlook such as pictures on the walls, toys, or items that collect dust. Although these items may have sentimental value for you, they can get in the way of showing your house at its very best.

    If you are in need of storing sentimental, office or home items while showing your home to potential buyers, call POUCH Self Storage to speak to a Self Storage Specialist, at (800) 378-4598. We have been keeping our customers belongings safe for more than 30 years.

  • POUCH Happening – K9 Unit

    Last week our friendly neighborhood police officers were here. They served a search warrant to one of our tenants. They also had with them their K9 police dogs. One officer said, I was here before and I know that pets are not allowed here. But just to let you know they, pointing at the K9’s are officers too. I smiled and answered, I’m fully aware of that. They were here for about fifteen minutes and said they did not find anything they’re looking for. One tenant was here at the same time and heard the officer said they found nothing. He said, I liked it here, I feel safe when the police check your facility and know everything is fine.

  • POUCH Happening – Closed on Memorial Day

    When I arrived one morning a tenant was already parked ahead of me. I parked next to him but stayed in my car. I saw him going back and forth trying to open the office door. So finally I went out from my car and told him we open at 7:00 AM.

    He also said that he was here the same time yesterday. I told him we’re closed yesterday for the Memorial Day and pointed to him the door sign stating we’re closed. I also showed him the big sign for the access hours. at the entry gate

    From being upset earlier he now looked embarrassed so I asked him if he read all the posted signs. He said he lost his reading glasses and can’t read at close range. I told him next time just to call if he’s not sure. He just looked at me again as if he never heard what I said. Then smiling he said, he has a hard time hearing as well.

    He apologized for being early and thanked me for being here on time to help him out.