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“We Move You Free” Truck

Serving Southern California Since 1979

There’s no longer any need to cringe at the mention of “moving.” At POUCH Self Storage, our “We Move You Free” program is designed to make moving your belongings into self storage in Anaheim a smooth and simple transition. When you rent one of our storage units in Orange County, you’ll automatically gain access to a free moving truck and one large dolly. We also offer a variety of products and services to make your move even easier, including packing supplies, jumbo storage units, and on-site document shredding.

Tips for an Easier Move
Moving doesn’t need to be a stressful experience—with the right preparation and organizational tools, your move to and from your self storage unit will be a breeze.

  • Pack one room at a time to keep like items together, rather than grabbing items from different rooms to fill up each box. This strategy will also make the packing process more organized from start to finish so you’ll know exactly how much is left to pack.
  • Keep a running tab of the items in each box as you pack. Label each box with a number when you’re through so you can immediately look up the number of any box to find out what’s inside.
  • The right packing supplies will make your moving experience a much better one. Make sure your boxes are in good condition and that you have plenty padding material to prevent damage to items during your move. Opt for high-quality packing tape and a tape gun—they will be worth the investment.
  • The last thing you want is to feel rushed on moving day. Always give yourself more time to pack and move than you think you’ll need to reduce stress during your move.

Two Benefits of Using Self Storage During a Move
Storage units can play a vital role before and after your move to a new home. If you’re getting ready to move in Orange County, call POUCH Self Storage today at (800) 378-4598 to reserve one of our storage units and enjoy the benefits of a free moving truck!

  1. Proper staging is one of the most important factors in the sale of a home. Placing the majority of your furniture and belongings in personal storage will make your home more appealing to buyers.
  2. The best way to get a feel for your new home is to view it without the clutter of furniture and moving boxes. Leaving your belongings in personal storage for a few days can help you determine the best layout for your home and make the process of moving in even easier.

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