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  • POUCH Happening – Working at POUCH

    A lady who used work for the storage industries over 15 years ago, came in with her best friend to look for storage. After reviewing all the security features at Pouch Self Storage in Tustin they were very happy and rented the unit.

    The lady who used to work in the self storage industry said she’s never seen this kind of security while working in the storage industry. She was so impressed about POUCH Self Storage security and customer service, she applied for a job at POUCH.

  • POUCH Happening – Air Show

    Victoria Pouch was given a exciting air show on Sunday as four old fashioned fighter jets flew over our facility! What a amazing show of American pride!

  • POUCH Happening – Good Reviews Work!

    Good Google & Yelp reviews really works .

    The prospective tenant went to U-Haul to rent a space for her house hold goods, while she was in line for her turn for service , she was checking pouch website . After she reviewed all the Tustin Self Storage Google & Yelp reviews , that made her changed her mind renting from U-Haul and came back to Pouch Tustin Self-Storage to rent. She was very happy with our service and released why we had lots of positive reviews. And good thing that before we introduced ourselves ,she knew our name from the all reviews she has read. We had record breaking move in ( 38 rentals & 105 inquires ) last month .

  • POUCH Happening – Truck Accident

    Recently a potential Pouch customer called frantically, In tears she explained they were just in an accident with the truck that hauls their trailer! She begged us to continue to hold the R.V. unit she had recently reserved. In an effort to deliver great customer service we said, “sure”! We continued to keep in contact with her and held the unit to allow her the time to repair the vehicle. Today the customer came in with her husband and their beautiful daughter, as her husband was signing the lease, she continually thanked us for helping them through their difficult and frustrating time. We replied ” no problem, that’s what we do here at Pouch Victoria”!

  • POUCH Happening – Mother’s Day Gift

    Something new AND unique happened at Tustin self storage, Never Thought that someone can give a storage unit as a gift to a mom on Mother’s Day, today a customer came, reserved a unit and a free truck move. When we followed her to her place, they had a moving party with almost 10 people to help an elderly woman. Amazingly they were done in 10 minutes. When we came back her mom was about to pay the woman she said “No mom please don’t pay, let me pay for you”, so she paid for her mothers unit and she said this is your Mother’s Day Gift . They are traveling out of country and on mother’s day they were not able to see her so she rented a unit for her mom. What a unique idea to give a gift to mom at TUSTIN SELF STORAGE.

  • POUCH Happening – Second Move

    Yesterday while Linda was on a truck move, the customer came to her frantically! He told her he knew it was late, however he was not able to load all the items in the first truck move and asked her if it would be possible to do a second truck move today? Linda said she would try her best to accommodate him, however, she did not think we would have time. In order to deliver great customer service we were able to move a few things around and Kimberly made the 2 nd move for the customer. The customer walked away saying “wow thank you, you guys really saved me!” He explained he was deploying for a few months and did not know what he would of done without our help! We said, it was our pleasure, after all it’s what we do here at Pouch Victoria!

  • POUCH Happening – Units Bigger on the Inside

    We got a call from a prospective tenant asking for the largest unit available. Currently we’re at 95% full and all large units are rented. He was very interested in renting with us because of the free truck move that we provide. So we told him to come by and see what we can do to accommodate his storage needs. A few hours later he showed up. The only units we have available are the newly converted units. One has three doors and the other one has two. At first he said he said his belongings will not fit. But when we opened up all the doors of the units it looked bigger from the inside. He was so relieved that we have one available for him. He has enough space at the same time also have easier access to his belongings.

  • POUCH Happening – They Come Back

    Pouch Self Storage – Anaheim has many past customers. Over the past 20 plus years, we have seen a lot of valued customers come and go. Many times they return. They remember the excellent customer service they received, the great security and outstanding value. They feel there is no need to go anywhere else. Last week, a past tenant did just that, she came back.

  • Top Reasons to Rent a Storage Unit

    Reasons to Store Whether cleaning, moving, or organizing your stuff, there are many reasons to choose Self Storage with POUCH. Jumbo storage units will provide you with the space needed to house your belongings, be it big or small. Storage facilities are a great choice for homeowners who are moving or downsizing. In addition, storage units are helpful for people who are seeking to de-clutter their home(s) or office(s). If you own recreational equipment used on a seasonal basis, such as jet skis or an RV, storage units provide the space needed to keep your items when they are not in use.

    For more information about the advantages of renting personal storage, contact POUCH Self Storage by calling (800) 378-4598, or visit us on the WEB at Our friendly Self Storage Specialists will be thrilled to answer all your questions about our storage services, shredding, boxes and packing supplies and much more. We will help you rent a quality storage unit in the Orange, San Bernadino or Los Angeles Counties . We even offer RV storage, Dump and Wash Station amenities and accessories!

  • POUCH Happening – Business Packages

    Out of our many services, one of our tenants loves the fact we accept his business packages and place them in his unit. His work keeps him in the field a lot and he can’t always be available to receive his merchandise. He feels very secure in the knowledge that when his deliveries arrive, we sign for them and place them in his storage unit and lock it. We then call him and inform him that his items have arrived and are safe in his space. He gets this great service just by signing a Hold Harmless Agreement. It’s that simple. Another great feature about this service…it’s FREE!