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  • What to Do on Moving Day

    Moving can be a stressful event, which is why it’s important to plan ahead and get organized as soon as you can. With proper planning, you can make the moving process less overwhelming and settle into your new place more easily. In the months and weeks leading up to your move-out date, make sure all your boxes and belongings are organized and labeled properly. That way you’ll be able to clearly identify what goes into your storage unit and what goes to your new house. On moving day, go through your cabinets, drawers, shelves, and closets to make sure nothing is left behind. Ensure your movers know where they’re going, and stick around throughout the loading process until everything is in the truck s . Once all your boxes are out, check around to make sure nothing was left in the house. When that is done, you can take a deep breath, lock up, and be on your way to your new home.

    Preparing to Move

    POUCH Self Storage is here to help you make your move “As Easy as it Should Be”, by making it as stress-free as possible. Contact us at (888) 927-6052 or visti us at to find out about your options for POUCH Self Storage. We have been the local experts in self storage since 1979.

  • Coping With Clutter [INFOGRAPHIC]

    Are you drowning in a sea of clutter? Clutter is easy to accumulate and hard to eliminate, and having too much of it can be costly in many ways. From the wasted money spent on unlivable home square footage to the lost hours of productivity at work, clutter comes with financial, physical, and emotional costs. An Orange County self-storage company put together this infographic that explains the cost of clutter and how you can reclaim your home and office. Clutter can happen to anyone, so please pass this valuable information along to everyone in your network.

    Coping With Clutter

  • POUCH Happening | Neighbors

    Our neighbor, the owner of the building behind us came in to the office to let us know that he is finally moving and would like to inquire about our biggest unit available. Well, it was a time when I had two potential customers inquiring about our facility, asking what makes us different from our competitors and any current specials we can offer them. Our neighbor politely excused himself and said if he can add some comment. I nodded and he introduced himself that he owns the building behind us for a long time and now he’s retiring. This is the only place he felt safe storing his business inventory. I just smiled and acknowledged what he said. That was it, two rentals at the same time and one reservation.

  • POUCH Happening | Safe Keys

    Safe Keys We here at Pouch Self Storage – Anaheim are always complimented on our security and methods of guarantying the protection our tenant’s valuables. Today, one of our new tenants turned in her key and signed out after placing her items in her unit. She exited the office, stopped suddenly then turned around and came back into the office. I asked, ” Forget something? “. She said that she left her car keys in her unit. I gave her back her key and ran back to her space. She came back in the office and dropped off her key. She said, ” I would be out of luck if I lost my keys. “. I said, ” Well, at least they were safe here at Pouch until you found them. ”

  • Tips for Simplifying Your Life

    No matter how old you are or what phase of life you’re in, chances are you’ve thought about ways you can simplify your life. While getting rid of most of your worldly possessions might seem like a noble goal, it’s just not realistic for most people. The good news is there are many ways you can simplify your life. You can start by stripping down the contents in your house. Try doing it by what you need on a daily or weekly basis, in the meantime rent a self-storage unit to help eliminate clutter. Keep reading for more tips on simplifying your life.

    Packing for Storage

    Rent a Storage Unit
    As you take a look around your home, do you notice things you need or want to keep—but just don’t need very often? Renting a self-storage unit is a great way to help maximize the space in your home. Store furniture, file boxes, clothes, electronics, and various keepsakes you don’t want to part with, but simply don’t need taking up space in your home. With fewer items around your house, your space will start to feel more open and be easier to keep clean.

    Donate and Sell
    Set aside a day or two to go through your house, paying special attention to the areas where you normally store things, such as the basement, attic, spare rooms or garage. You may come across items you don’t want or need that can be donated to charity, sold at local shops or even on-line . Purging your home will help simplify your life, especially when it’s time to move.

    If your home seems to have extra space you simply fill with clutter, it may be time to think about downsizing your home . You can use your self-storage unit to keep your important items, and enjoy easier maintenance and cleaning in your smaller home.

    POUCH Self Storage offers clean, secure storage space for all of your most important possessions at our Southern California locations. Call us at (888) 927-6052 or visit us at to find out more about renting a self-storage unit. We are open seven days a week to make storage as easy as possible.

  • POUCH Happenings | Once Lost, Now Found

    Lost and Found

    Here at Trabuco Self Storage in Lake Forest sometimes we come across items left behind from our Tenants when walking the facility. Although we do not encourage things to be left behind, and we make every attempt to pick up these things as soon as we come across them, sometimes it may just be an overlook from our customer forgetting to put it back into their unit. This was the case when one of our customers left behind a radio in one of the upstairs hallways, the Storage Specialist who came across it picked it up and placed it in one of our managers units for safe keeping just in case it was claimed. In a couple of days the rightful owner came to the office and asked if it was possible anyone returned it. We had him describe the radio in question, and when it matched to the one that was found, we happily returned it to him. Needless to say, he was thankful we kept it in safe keeping.

    Did one or all of our Storage Specialists go above and beyond to help you? Or do they just always make you feel welcome when you come into the facility? If you’ve had a good experience in one of our POUCH locations and with one of our POUCH Storage Specialist please let us and the world know, and don’t forget to mention them by name so we can thank them! We love to hear how we are doing to brighten your day.

  • POUCH Happening | Moving on

    Fountain Valley Self Storage We have a tenant who’s 94 years old. She has been renting here for quite some time now. She’s a very independent and vibrant lady and always here on time to pay her monthly rent. However, the past week she did not show up and we even made a courtesy call to her. Then she showed up with her daughter together the rest of her big family, about 6 cars all together. She said during the holidays, her whole family came to visit her and she was not feeling good after celebrating too much with her loved ones. I spoke to her daughter and she said she finally decided to give up what’s inside her storage and the whole family were here to see what she has been storing all these years. She’s finally moving out. Her daughter was just happy that she stored with us. This is her entire life’s memories and Pouch made her feel secure and safe all these years.

  • POUCH Happening | What Pouch Means

    Pouch Self Storage I received a call from a potential tenant from out of state. Her first question was what does Pouch mean? Well as we always, start our conversation I asked her how I can help her. She asked again, what does Pouch mean? So I told her about our Pouch Heritage and followed up with more inquiry questions for her storage needs. She said she already knows what she wanted and made a reservation over the phone. She said our name, Pouch and what it stood up for sealed the deal.

  • POUCH Happening | Dry Storage

    Here at Pouch Self Storage – Anaheim, we are a totally enclosed facility. All of our storage units are inside a 2 story building. We also have 2 lift elevators for even more convenience. Today was an example of how much our tenants appreciated our facility. It was raining very hard and a drive up unit would have made our new tenant’s move in difficult. They felt very secure knowing their valuables would be kept dry from our truck to their storage space.

    Dry Storage

  • Packing Up Your Bedroom

    When getting ready to move, it’s a good idea to make a list of everything you need to do before the big day. If you start early, you’ll be more organized and better prepared for moving. Watch this video for tips on packing up your bedroom.

    Once you decide you’re moving, you can start by going through your bedrooms to reduce clutter. You don’t want to move more than you have to, so before moving day sort through books, journals, clothing, and other items that can be stored or donated .This will prevent you from moving extra stuff into your new house and make unpacking quicker and easier.

    POUCH Self Storage offers a variety of self-storage unit sizes to choose from to make your packing and moving processes easier. Call us at (888) 927-6052 to learn about our security features, or visit our website for more information about what we offer, including, boxes and packing supplies, personal and business storage, records management, shredding and much more.