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  • New iPads! | Pouch Trabuco Happening

    iPad Trabuco

    Last week we received our new iPad and customers are noticing and asking about it with several posting comments. We think customers will really enjoy using the iPad. Customer surveys can now be completed on the iPad and customers also have access to our website as well. They will be able to review other comments and learn about all the services we offer.  Since we are currently testing the iPad, we will be integrating new applications for the iPad that would be engaging to our customers.

    Visit our website at :


  • Tips for Making Your Move Easier

    Moving is a big job, but it doesn’t have to be stressful. With a little preparation and some helpful packing tips, your move can go smoothly. This video can explain more:

    One of the most important things than can help make “Your Move as Easy as It Can Be” is by investing in the right supplies. Forget using old grocery store boxes that aren’t designed to carry household goods, not to mention, there’s no telling what comes with those dumpster dive boxes. Save yourself the frustration by purchasing solid moving boxes and other packing supplies designed specifically to protect your precious goods. You will need about 10 boxes per room to get the job done right. Also, ask about our Packing Supply Packages created for your convenience, gives you a variety of packing supplies and saves you money.

    When you’re ready to move, head over to POUCH Self Storage & RV, conveniently located in Orange County, LA County and San Bernardino County. In addition to self-storage solutions, we offer FREE truck move, we pay for the gas, insurance, provide the diver and much more. Learn more by calling (888) 258-9626 or visiting us as

  • Pouch Tustin Happening | Storage Unit Tetris

    Well I think I’ve seen it all!  Last week we had a customer come in, not that this is out of the norm, but the things that this person was about to put in to their storage were unbelievable.  He had a kayak and if you knew this person, you would have to ask where and how are they were going to get this into their unit. There was no open space, not even for a sheet of paper, but he got it in. If you’re ever in need of help getting that last box to fit in your storage unit, if he is not too busy, maybe just maybe he might help you out.  Here at Tustin Self Storage we have the right size and the right price for you.

  • Pouch Anaheim Happening | Holiday Returns

    The Holidays are finally over. All of our tenants seemed to have had a wonderful time with their family and friends. All were glad that things were back to normal. Back to normal means having to put their holiday decorations back into storage.  Other items need to be returned too such as extra tables, chairs, cookware, etc. Everyone has been putting everything into their unit until next year. Some of our tenants need to make several trips. They are all grateful to have the extra space for their seasonal belongings. We are close, convenient and secure. We are worth it!

  • Pouch San Juan Happening | 1925 Model T

    Model T

    Pleasant surprise here at Pouch Self Storage in San Juan this weekend. A 1925 Ford model T (aka “Depot Hacks”) rolled into our driveway being driven by one of our valued tenants. It’s not often a Model T is seen on the roads anymore and it seeks attention everywhere it goes. This one is well taken care of and is without doubt, “safer in the Pouch.”

    Our customer offered a short history listen on the Model T (or Depot Hack as he called it). He said the very first station wagons were called Depot Hacks and were used as wagons to carry passengers and cargo from railroad stations back in the day. They started production on this American classic back in 1908 and the last one rolled off the assembly line in 1927.  He is proud of his car and trusts us at Pouch to safely store it in between his Sunday drives.


  • Pouch Long Beach Happening | Barbeque Smoke Alarm


    Suddenly, with no tenants on property, the fire alarm goes off. Larry and I look at each other puzzled. We respond to find no smoke or fire anywhere on the property. After silencing the alarm and speaking to RFI and the fire department, the facility returns to tranquility again. An hour before closing, the alarm goes off again. Once again we search for the source of the alarm to no avail. This time, we only spoke to RFI and shortly after, the fire department arrived. After resetting the system, they leave. We are still puzzled and concerned that the alarm will go off again during the course of the evening. Upon retrieving my vehicle near the end of the work day, I discover a strong, smoky barbeque smell coming from the nearby property. It is to my deduction that the smoke alarm was tripping when the smoky barbeque would enter the slotted vents nearest the detector. That must have been one heck of a dinner if the fire department had to respond. Never a dull moment at Long Beach.

  • Pouch Long Beach Happening

    Pouch LB

    It is good to see the local neighborhood taking advantage of all our services, including the free truck move, despite it being merely across the street.