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  • POUCH Happening | New Tenants | Anaheim

    New tenants are always amazed with amount and types of services we offer here at Pouch Self Storage – Anaheim. Not only do we provide secure storage and excellent service, we have available many amenities that they can take advantage of. We offer shredding on site, for those who want safe personal documentation destroyed. Business services for those who want to have items picked up and dropped off into their unit. By the way, that service is free. We have a Planet Aid clothes donation bin for anyone who wants to recycle some of their clothing. Our Records Management division can store and digitally record your documents for long term storage. Packing supplies are inexpensively priced to help you move and store your items. And let’s not forget our “ We Move You Free” truck move in service. Every new tenant gets to use this service for any size unit they rent. All of this makes for excellent value for our tenants.

    "We Move You Free" Truck

  • POUCH Happening | Please Excuse Our Mess

    Recently you may have already experienced some construction at a number of our POUCH Self Storage locations, such as here at Trabuco Self Storage where we are complying with ADA (American Disability Act) regulations. In the coming weeks and months you may experience some inconveniences such as; Closed Restrooms, Unaccessible areas, or Re-routed access, but rest assured we will keep our facilities open to our valued customers as we work with closely with our vendors. Here at POUCH our customers come first, and “Making it as easy as it should be” is always top property.


  • Tips for Packing Your Belongings

    In order to have a stress-free move, it helps to plan in advance. Additionally, It also helps to pack your belongings efficiently so your items are protected and can easily be unpacked or put into storage . Here are a few tips for packing your belongings.

    Cardboard boxes in new house

    Pack by the Room
    When it comes to  packing up belongings  and moving out of a living space, it helps to pack like items together. You can do this efficiently by going from room to room and making sure all of the items in each room are packed together. Your bathroom supplies will be in the same boxes, and the same for your kitchen supplies and bedroom items. This way, you can easily put everything in the right place when you arrive at your new home.

    Label Boxes
    One of the most helpful aspects of packing is labeling your boxes. Simply label each box with the name of the room it belongs in or you can create an inventory of its contents. This is especially helpful when putting boxes into storage, this makes it easy to find what you’re looking for when you search through your storage unit. If you are working with movers or have other helpers, it is wise to include the name of the room each box will go in, as this will help them put the boxes in if working with movers in the correct room.

    Pack in Advance
    In an effort to reduce stress from your move, pack in advance. Start with seasonal items and items you don’t use often. By the week of your move, you should only have daily items unpacked. The last thing you want is to scramble around and haphazardly pack your boxes in the days before you need to leave.

    For more tips for packing your belongings, contact  a Self Storage Specialist at  POUCH Self Storage & RV.  We provide self-storage services in the Pasadena,  and Long Beach, Rancho Cucamonga and Orange County areas to learn more about our services or visit our website or call us at (888) 927-6052.

  • POUCH Happening | Victoria

    Very happy to see that our pouch box truck with attractive pouch logo has drawn one prospective tenant’s attention while driving by and made us reserve one 10×18.5 with one truck move schedule from Corona on 7/26/14 at 9:30am.

    Thanks to our Corp to allowing the box truck to park outside during business hours and give us opportunity to rent Vi track & trailer space ( 10×32 ) to future prospective tenants. 


  • POUCH Happening | Fountain Valley

    We had a tenant that came in to thank us for the installing ADA Doors.  She mentioned that she was very pleased to know that the doors have been replaced because she has been on disability and with this new doors, it would be very convenient for her to access her unit.  She has been a tenant for over 25 years and had multiple units rented.  All these years she saw our facility being maintained and updated to high standards and don’t mind to be here for more years to come. 


  • POUCH Happening | San Juan

    Today’s happenings is about a past tenant who rented again from us. We did a truck-move for her. In our truck we supply blankets, furniture carts and a dolly. Inside the truck the tenant had a glass table top. She was concerned it might break due to the rolling furniture carts. To put her at ease we simply put the carts inside the truck cab. She was very grateful of our service.

    "We Move You Free" Truck

  • Prepare for Moving Day with This App!

    Moving can be a stressful experience, whether you’re moving across town or to a new state. With the help of the Moving Day app for iOS, you can stay more organized to make the entire moving process a little easier.

    In order to make your move less overwhelming, Moving Day lets you easily catalog all of your items as you pack. The built-in bar code scanner and label-maker allows you to quickly identify the contents of each box, and allows you to print or email documents directly from the app. With Moving Day, you can readily spot any boxes that are missing or damaged. You can even use it to make insurance claims simpler in the event that some of your belongings are damaged.


    Use Moving Day to keep your storage unit at POUCH Self Storage & RV well organized. Call POUCH and talk to one of our Self Storage Specialists at (888) 927-6052 to learn about renting a storage unit or RV Space, and don’t forget to ask about our “We Move Your Free” program, to transport your items to our facility.  Visit our website  to learn more about our products and services.


  • POUCH Happening | A Little Visitor | Long Beach

    While working the office I kept hearing a strange noise and of course every time I went to look the noise stopped this has been going on for about a week, well I was sweeping the office so that I could mop the floor and found the noise and eight inch long Lizard and he was not happy. He is happy know in his new home our flower bed.


  • POUCH Happening | Competitor’s Thumbs Up | Anaheim

    On occasion here at Pouch Self Storage – Anaheim, we visit our competitor’s facilities. We ask, “How is business?” The idea is to build a neighborly rapport. Sometimes our competitors visit us, as one did today. He asked how we were doing and positively commented on our facility. I talked about our great security and our customer service philosophies. He was impressed.

    To be acknowledged by a competitor for our high standards is a great feeling.

  • 6 Steps to Mastering Your Storage Space [INFOGRAPHIC]

    Storage units are ideal for everything from stashing your belongings or holiday decorations between moves, to warehousing items for you business. To get the biggest benefit from your space, set it up efficiently. Making the most of your storage space starts with the packing. To prevent storing clutter, clear out your home before moving things into storage. Use sturdy boxes and break down any furniture as much as possible. While at the storage facility, try creating an aisle for to help you to navigate easy access to all of your belongings. Learn how to master your self storage space in this infographic from POUCH Self Storage & RV . Help your friends and family ease their self-storage woes by sharing this information with them.