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  • Tips for Preserving Family Documents

    Family Documents When preparing boxes for moving, you may find you have important papers and documents such as; birth/death certificates, immunization records, marriage or divorce certificates, to treasured newspaper clippings. Of the many types of paper items you may want to place into your personal storage , the right packing supplies and care, can ensure your documentation will not deteriorate over time. Below is an overview of tips for preserving family documents.

    Choose a Climate Controlled Environment
    Extremely hot or cold temperatures can be extremely hard on paper documents . To ensure your documents are protected when placed in storage, it is essential to choose a climate controlled storage unit. Climate controlled storage will ensure your papers are kept at a consistent temperature, and are not exposed to extreme heat or freezing.

    Avoid Direct Sunlight
    Sunlight can cause yellowing and deterioration on your documents. This phenomenon of yellowing is caused by a reaction between the chemicals in the paper and ink. Placing your documents into storage safeguard them for many years.

    Select Appropriate Storage Containers
    Another way to safeguard and preserve them is to choose appropriate storage containers. Placing them in properly sized envelopes, ensures they are not exposed to light or other forms of damage.

    At POUCH Self Storage, we can provide you with all of the packing supplies you need to get started on your upcoming move. If you are seeking high quality Self-Storage, you can be rest assured that our storage facilities are a top choice for all of your moving and storage needs. To schedule a free moving truck move, using our “We Move Your Free” program from one of our Orange County locations , call us at (800) 378-4598.

  • Save Money on Moving Day with Our “We Move You Free” Program

    Free Moving Truck If you are looking for self storage in Orange, Los Angeles or San Bernardino County, be sure to check out the great services that POUCH Self Storage has to offer. When you rent one of our storage units, you will be able to take advantage of our “We Move You Free” program. With the “We Move You Free” program, you will receive a FREE truck move, which includes; Driver, Dolly, Gas, Insurance, and so much more (Some restrictions apply). Our driver will follow you to your home or office, wait as your movers pack your items in our truck and drive them to your POUCH Self Storage unit facility This great program saves you money and allows you to take advantage of the many services we offer.

    To make your moving experience “As Easy As It Should Be” contact a POUCH Self Storage Specialist at (800) 378-4598, or visit us on the web at .

  • POUCH Happening – Jeremy the Traffic Cop

    At Pouch Self Storage – Anaheim, our Specialists have many responsibilities and job functions. We are maintenance technicians that provide facility upkeep and repairs. We are bookkeepers so all of our financial records are correct and balance every day. We are marketing reps constantly generating new business to ensure our long term success. We are counselors for our customers who are seeking the right size for their storage needs. Recently, our Specialist Jeremy added a new job title to his list of duties here at Pouch. A traffic collision occurred right out in front of our facility. I called 911 while Jeremy went to see what he could do to assist. He helped the driver to the sidewalk to safety. Traffic immediately started to back up. He placed himself in front of the damaged vehicles and began directing traffic. Soon, the congestion was eased and traffic was flowing smoothly until the authorities arrived. New title: Jeremy, Traffic cop!

  • POUCH Happening – Birthday Cards

    We want to give a shout out to our co-worker Brandy, who send out birthday cards to all our customers and signs all of our names. Well, this past week we have had customers coming in to say ‘Thank you’, using words like ‘heartfelt’, ‘touching’, & ‘made my day’!

  • POUCH Happening – How Did You Hear About Us?

    Normally when prospective tenant inquires about storage , we ask “ how did you hear about Pouch ? “ We are very happy that our new marketing banner brought us two new rentals in last week. Hopefully that banner will bring more businesses in the future.

  • POUCH Happening – Three Units Please

    We had a very nice lady that came in and rented three units. We told her it would be best if she rents one that will accommodate all her belongings instead of three. She still insisted on renting three units. We did three truck moves as well, one move per unit. This weekend she came in with her daughter who she listed as the emergency contact. After her introduction, her daughter asked her what size units did she rent. She quickly answered, small, medium and large. Her daughter then in a slow but quite loud voice so that her mom could hear said to us, “before she orders an extra large unit on our menu, to please call her first.” Her daughter immediately added, we own three restaurants and this is the best way to talk to her. She’ll understand it better.

  • POUCH Happening – I Only Trust Pouch!

    POUCH Self Storage Victoria received a call from a loyal POUCH Self Storage Anaheim customer. This customer trusts his shredding to POUCH, but found himself in a dilemma, with the shred bins full at our Anaheim & Tustin locations there was nowhere close for him to shred his 10 boxes of documents! This customer was ready to drive to our Rancho Cucamonga facility and said “I only trust my shredding to Pouch!”. To deliver the best possible customer service, we reached out to several of our Orange County facilities in an effort to locate a Pouch facility closer to him. With their shred bins just being emptied the week before, POUCH Self Storage Fountain Valley told us to have the customer come on down! The customer was so happy and said “Thank you, now I don’t have to drive so far, but I definitely would of!”

  • Signs You Need to Boost Your Storage Space

    Cluttered Closet When you use self-storage in Orange County , Los Angeles County and San Bernardino County, we will ensure you have the most amount of space for your money to store your belongings. Self-storage units can be used for a variety of purposes, including records management and business storage. When you find your existing storage space is feeling cramped, it may be time to look into getting a larger space. Here is a list of the signs that you may need to boost your storage space with jumbo size storage units.

    Your Closets Are Full
    One of the top signs that it is time to boost your storage is a closet that is completely filled. Over the months and years, it is easy to accumulate extra items in your home. When you find your closets jam-packed with items you don’t use daily, it may be time to rent a storage unit.

    You Park Outside of Your Garage
    Many homeowners use their garages as storage spaces. If your garage is so full with bulky items that you can no longer fit a car inside, this is a good sign you are ready to move your belongings into storage.

    You Have Trouble Locating Items You Need
    When your home or business is cluttered with many items, it may be hard to locate documents or objects that have been tucked away in a closet or on a shelf for a long period of time. Renting a storage unit, will allow you the opportunity to organize and streamline your items.

    POUCH Self Storage provides top-rated service in the Orange, San Bernardino and Los Angeles Counties services. Our jumbo storage units will provide you with all of the space you need to clear out your home or office and get organized. Call a POUCH Self Storage Specialist at (800) 378-4598 or visit us on the web at to learn more about available self-storage units .

  • POUCH Happening – Spring Time Rhyme

    It’s springtime here at Pouch Self Storage – Anaheim.

    So, I’m going to break out into a rhyme.

    The new season makes us feel so very nice,

    Come by or call and you’ll get a great price!

    We have lots of spaces and many sizes.

    Rent from us and you’ll get no surprises.

    Our facility is always clean and very secure.

    Your stored belongings are safe with us, for sure.

    Our Specialists are ready to answer all your questions.

    To make your move easy, we even have suggestions.

    Did I mention we have a FREE Truck Service too?

    That’s right and we have it here just for you!

    So give us a call and don’t hesitate,

    We’ll be happy to schedule your move in date.

    Mike, Jeremy and Paul will greet you with a smile.

    We’re always ready for you, to go the extra mile.

  • POUCH Happenings – Egg Hunt

    One of our tenants will be going on an underwater Easter Egg Hunt in Laguna Beach scuba diving for eggs for his Charity. With the many colors of the rocks hopefully he will find the eggs.