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  • POUCH Happening – Flat Screen

    Some of our tenants are pretty resourceful when moving and storing their belongings with no help. Many times they are unable to find an extra set of hands to lift a heavy object when they need them. On this day, a customer needed to get a large flat screen TV into his SUV.

    He managed to get this 50” monitor with the stand on one of our carts and wheel it to his vehicle. He needed to get the TV off the stand before he could place it in the back seat. His method left of removing the TV from the stand startled my coworker and I. He was standing on the unsecured cart and trying to shake the TV off the stand!

    We immediately went outside to warn our tenant of the dangerous circumstances and showed him a better way to accomplish his task. He was grateful for our intervention and input.

  • POUCH Happening – Impressed

    She was impressed. A potential new customer came into POUCH Self Storage – Anaheim looking for a small space. She told me what she was storing then I escorted her to the storage space. As we walked to the unit, she was taking notice of the doors, walls and ceilings. I explained how the security works and that her belongings will be secured. She asked how old was the building was. I said that it has been here for about 25 years.

    She said, “I’m impressed. I thought it was a relatively new place.” I emphasized the fact that we take pride in maintaining our facility. I said, “Thank you!” I also mentioned that we have other customers and vendors who have made the same observation. I showed her the space and she agreed it was the perfect size. She reserved the unit and thanked me for my time.

    I thanked her for her business. She said as she was leaving, “I think a company that takes care of their property will take care of my property too.”

  • How to Pack Your Belongings

    Moving the contents of a home can be a daunting endeavor. There is always a lot of work involved. However, following a few simple guidelines can help to make your move more manageable. If you are packing boxes for moving or to put in a storage unit, watch this video for some helpful tips.

    The video suggests the first step is to identify possessions you no longer want or need and gift, donate, or dispose of them. The video also recommends packing electronic goods in their original boxes. The presenter cautions against packing more than 50 pounds of your items into a single box, to avoid the danger of breaking your items. The video advises movers to sort boxes by destination room.

    Here at POUCH Self Storage, we believe that moving the items from your home or office can be a stress-free experience. To discover more about our packing supplies, moving trucks, storage units, and boxes for moving , visit our website, or call one of our Self Storage Specialists (800) 378-4598.