• A Step-by-Step Guide to Prepping Items for Storage [INFOGRAPHIC]

    When it comes to moving items into a storage unit, preparation is everything. Not only will preparing your belongings to be stored help prevent any damage, but it will also let you make the most of your storage unit’s space. Start by prepping your furniture. Whenever possible, disassemble furniture pieces so that they take up less space. Keep the pieces in clearly labeled boxes with their assembly instructions. For artwork, protect the sides of frames with extra cardboard and wrap the items in paper before putting them in plastic bags. If your unit is for business storage instead of personal storage, organize all of your documents, label them clearly, and ask about secure records management. Get more tips on preparing your items for storage in this infographic from POUCH Self Storage . Rely on us for a great deal on self storage in Anaheim, plus a free moving truck. You can also make moving a little easier for others by sharing this information.

    A Step-by-Step Guide to Prepping Items for Storage [INFOGRAPHIC]

  • Determining the Right Storage Solution for Your Move

    Renting a self storage and by you getting ready to move to a new home can be extremely helpful. However, before you rent a storage unit, it is important to look at units in Orange, San Bernardino, and Los Angeles Counties when you look into the various options those storage facilities may offer. Read on for assistance in determining the right storage solution for your move.

    When beginning your search for the right storage facility, it helps to start by looking online. You can find a website for just about any local storage facility, and the website will likely let you know about any current deals as well as the different services offered. You may want a self-storage unit that is climate controlled (where available), has high ceilings, drive up access, elevators and carts, etc, or you might want to choose a storage facility that offers on-site document shredding. Consider looking through third party review sites to learn about other customers’ experiences with local storage facilities.

    Are you looking for a self-storage unit for your move? Call POUCH Self Storage at (800) 378-4598 to talk to a Self Storage Specialist. Our storage facilities offer records management, packing supplies, and vehicle storage in the Orange, San Bernardino, and Los Angeles County areas. If you would like to learn more about our services, feel free to visit our website or stop in and meet with one of our Self Storage Specialists today.

  • Packing Your Sofa for Storage

    Whether you are looking to permanently free up space around your home or office or just need to use self-storage in San Bernardino, Los Angeles, or Orange County, it is important to store your belongings properly. Different types of belongings should be packed and stored differently; it helps to look into the recommended packing methods beforehand. Read on for a few tips for packing your sofa for storage.

    Clean and Polish
    When it comes to preparing your sofa for storage, it helps to start by cleaning the fabric . Be sure to choose a cleaner that is designed for your sofa’s material, wipe it down thoroughly, and allow it to dry completely. You can then polish any wooden or metal components with the appropriate cleaner. It often helps to consult manufacturer directions if you are unsure what type of cleaner or polish to use for your sofa.

    Once your sofa is clean and completely dry, detach the legs and store them separately—keep in mind, however, that you should only complete this step if the legs are designed for detachment. You can cover each leg in packing material if you are worried about them scratching or bumping each other in a bag or box.

    Cover and Store
    Each sofa pillow should be stored in its own plastic bag when you take it to the self-storage unit. Lay down a pallet and cover it in a tarp or other plastic covering, and then use bubble wrap to protect any fragile areas of your sofa before placing it on top of the pallet. Keep the sofa away from walls and potentially hazardous objects, and try to avoid storing it on one of its end s . Finally, cover the sofa with a sheet or storage bag.

    For more tips on packing your sofa for storage, call a POUCH Self Storage Specialist at (800) 378-4598. We are proud to serve the Orange, Los Angeles, and San Bernardino County areas with jumbo storage units (where available), our “We Move You Free” program, on-site document shredding, and many other services. Feel free to visit our website or stop in and see us at any of our eight locations to learn more about our services.

  • Tips for Preserving Family Documents

    Family Documents When preparing boxes for moving, you may find you have important papers and documents such as; birth/death certificates, immunization records, marriage or divorce certificates, to treasured newspaper clippings. Of the many types of paper items you may want to place into your personal storage , the right packing supplies and care, can ensure your documentation will not deteriorate over time. Below is an overview of tips for preserving family documents.

    Choose a Climate Controlled Environment
    Extremely hot or cold temperatures can be extremely hard on paper documents . To ensure your documents are protected when placed in storage, it is essential to choose a climate controlled storage unit. Climate controlled storage will ensure your papers are kept at a consistent temperature, and are not exposed to extreme heat or freezing.

    Avoid Direct Sunlight
    Sunlight can cause yellowing and deterioration on your documents. This phenomenon of yellowing is caused by a reaction between the chemicals in the paper and ink. Placing your documents into storage safeguard them for many years.

    Select Appropriate Storage Containers
    Another way to safeguard and preserve them is to choose appropriate storage containers. Placing them in properly sized envelopes, ensures they are not exposed to light or other forms of damage.

    At POUCH Self Storage, we can provide you with all of the packing supplies you need to get started on your upcoming move. If you are seeking high quality Self-Storage, you can be rest assured that our storage facilities are a top choice for all of your moving and storage needs. To schedule a free moving truck move, using our “We Move Your Free” program from one of our Orange County locations , call us at (800) 378-4598.

  • How to Maximize the Space in Your Home

    Is your home starting to feel cluttered, cramped, or just disorganized? Regardless of how large your home or office is, it’s easy for your belongings to start taking over more of your space. Clothing, furnishings, accessories, office equipment and more can begin to occupy space that was once open, which can make your house feel less welcoming to you and your guests. In order to maximize the space in your home , it may be a good idea to rent a self-storage unit where you can keep things that you won’t need for a few months at a time. Read on to learn about more ways to maximize the space in your home.

    Box for Storage

    In the Kitchen
    Your kitchen is the center of activity in your home, so it’s important for it to be spacious and well organized. Use the room’s vertical space to maximize storage areas—for example; you can consider hanging pots and pans above the stove or island instead of stacking them in cabinets, drawers or inside your oven. This will give you more space under your countertops, and help keep clutter from piling up. Consider going through your cabinets to toss or donate old dry goods or canned food you don’t need, also think about installing drawer organizers to keep your kitchen gadgets sorted.

    In the Bedroom
    No matter what size closets you have, your bedroom may tend to get messy before other areas in your home. Instead of shoving out-of-season clothing under the bed or towards the back of the closet, box them up and put them in your self-storage unit where they’ll be out of the way until you need them again. You may also want to minimize the amount of furniture in your bedroom so that you can have an open, spacious place to get ready in the morning, and or wind down at the end of the day. Keep just the essentials in your bedroom, and move the extraneous furniture to your storage unit.

    Your storage unit at POUCH Self Storage in Orange, San Bernardino and Los Angeles County will safely hold the belongings you want to keep but don’t need in your home. Contact us at (888) 927-6052 or visit us at www.pouchselfstorage.com to learn about our services . Don’t forget to ask about our “We Move You Free” program to transport your belongings!