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How to Maximize the Space in Your Home

Is your home starting to feel cluttered, cramped, or just disorganized? Regardless of how large your home or office is, it’s easy for your belongings to start taking over more of your space. Clothing, furnishings, accessories, office equipment and more can begin to occupy space that was once open, which can make your house feel less welcoming to you and your guests. In order to maximize the space in your home , it may be a good idea to rent a self-storage unit where you can keep things that you won’t need for a few months at a time. Read on to learn about more ways to maximize the space in your home.

Box for Storage

In the Kitchen
Your kitchen is the center of activity in your home, so it’s important for it to be spacious and well organized. Use the room’s vertical space to maximize storage areas—for example; you can consider hanging pots and pans above the stove or island instead of stacking them in cabinets, drawers or inside your oven. This will give you more space under your countertops, and help keep clutter from piling up. Consider going through your cabinets to toss or donate old dry goods or canned food you don’t need, also think about installing drawer organizers to keep your kitchen gadgets sorted.

In the Bedroom
No matter what size closets you have, your bedroom may tend to get messy before other areas in your home. Instead of shoving out-of-season clothing under the bed or towards the back of the closet, box them up and put them in your self-storage unit where they’ll be out of the way until you need them again. You may also want to minimize the amount of furniture in your bedroom so that you can have an open, spacious place to get ready in the morning, and or wind down at the end of the day. Keep just the essentials in your bedroom, and move the extraneous furniture to your storage unit.

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