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  • Dave Hester of Storage Wars at Pouch Self Storage

    Dave Hester of A&E’s ‘Storage Wars’ came by Pouch Self Storage. Check out the video below!

  • Making the Most out of the Space in Your Self-Storage Unit

    A self-storage unit can be a useful organizational tool, but to do so, they must be efficiently packed and maintained. A unit full to the brim with mismatched boxes and no organization will serve little purpose. Instead, strive for a storage system that is easily accessible and benefits you, your family, or your employees by freeing up space in your home or office. Read on for some tips on how to make the most of your storage unit.

    Plastic Storage Container Bin

    Make a Plan : A well-organized storage unit starts before anything is actually placed in the storage unit itself. Begin by identifying all of the items you hope to include and sort them into piles based on frequency of need. For items you plan to access frequently, make room in the front of your storage unit. For those things you will only need to get to occasionally, plan on placing them near the back of the storage unit.

    Choose Your Unit : Once you have determined what you want to store, select a storage unit that is the appropriate size. Keep in mind that you will want to add additional space for moving around and between items. If you are unsure of how much space you will need, contact a Storage Specialist at any POUCH facility to help you determine the appropriate unit for your needs.

    Invest in Supplies : The right tools can help to maximize your organizational space. Use sturdy boxes or plastic storage containers as opposed to bags or other less structurally sound packing materials. Not only can boxes be easily stacked, but their universal size will make them easier to arrange and label. For breakable items, invest in bubble wrap or newsprint for the best level of protection.

    For all of your self-storage needs, contact POUCH Self Storage at (888) 258-9626. Serving the Orange County, Long Beach, Rancho Cucamonga, and Pasadena communities, we operate a full range of self-storage facilities . Contact us today to learn more about our clean, modern, and secure storage options.

  • Pouch Happening – Anaheim Self Storage Truck Day

    We’ve been busy before, but today was a busy one in particular! Tenants were coming in, and we noticed we were all driving trucks. Our parking lot was full of trucks. What started the day was when our friendly Police officer, who often patrols our facility, came by to show us his brand new Police “Car”, another truck! Then the rest followed. So we named this day as “Anaheim Self Storage Truck Day.”

    truck day

  • A Look at Our Records Management Services

    Records management Adding work

    POUCH Self Storage also offers Records Management services! Our HIPAA, FACTA, and SOX compliant operation offers fast and efficient delivery and pick up for your business records. While in transport, our GPS fleet monitoring system tracks your business records from time of pickup through the off-loading process where they are scanned into our commercial records center. Transitioning your records to Pouch Records Management will positively impact your company on multiple levels, putting powerful search and request tools at the employee desktop, streamlining workflow processes, tightening file control management (active and archival), and lowering the company’s exposure to risk.

    All data is backed up daily on a 3-level redundancy platform ensuring your data is protected, safe and secure. Take advantage of our fast, accurate, and affordable records management service.

    With over two decades of experience, Pouch Self Storage offers a full range of self-storage services, including personal storage, jumbo storage units, business storage, self-service kiosks, record management, on-site shredding , and our We Move You Free program, along with many more services. If you are in need of record management assistance, contact POUCH Self Storage at (888) 258-9626.

  • New Pouch Self Storage Video Review

  • Pouch Happening – Our Trucks


    We had a scheduled truck move one afternoon, so at 2 p.m., I went in the office and clocked in for the move. I saw the tenant sitting relaxed on one of our chairs, so I asked her “are you ready to go?” She was a bit surprised with my question. She answered back, “but your truck is still full of stuff. Maybe I can wait a little bit until it’s empty.” I told her that the truck was empty. Her face changed and she insisted that there were still items inside. We both went outside to check the truck. 

    She laughed so hard when she saw that it was only a wrap on the truck’s roll up door. She said it looked so real from afar that she thought the truck was not ready for her yet.  I assured her that we always check the trucks every time there is a move and make sure that the trucks are ready for our tenants.

  • Creating a Timeline for Your Next Move

    A move is an exciting endeavor! However, the process of getting where you are going can sometimes be a challenge in and of itself. How will you transport your belongings ? Where will you store your extra items? A little preparation can go a long way toward ensuring your moving adventure gets off on the right foot.

    moving truck content picture

    Organize Your Belongings : Preparing for your move shouldn’t begin the night before you head to your new place. Ideally, you will begin to organize your belongings two to three months prior to the big move. Begin by inventorying the contents of your closets, drawers, and cupboards. Determine what can be donated and what will be traveling with you. This is an opportune time to purge any unwanted items. Consider what items you will have immediate space for and which items you will need to make self-storage arrangements for. Start packing those belongings that will be making the move.

    Get Your Paperwork In Order : In addition to organizing your things, you will also need to organize your information. Approximately six weeks before your move, get copies of your medical records or make arrangements to have them transferred to a doctor in your new community. If you have children, notify their current school and get copies of their academic records. Request enrollment information from their new school as well. Take this opportunity to organize your file cabinets and personal records.

    Contact a Professional : Once you have determined what your specific moving and self-storage needs are, contact a moving professional. While your initial contact should take place six to eight weeks before your move, you will want to follow-up the week prior to your moving date. Make sure the moving company knows how to get to your new location, confirm the date of your move, and pass along your moving itinerary and contact information.

    If you are moving, call POUCH Self Storage to learn more about our “ We Move You Free ” program. Let us help you make your moving experience as easy and pain-free as possible! Call (888) 258-9626 to talk to one of our experienced Self Storage Specialists.

  • Payment Plans and Rental Process for Your Storage Unit

    pouch picture

    Do you need a self-storage unit but feel like you can’t afford one or can’t remember when to pay your monthly rent? With the payment plans available at Pouch Self Storage , you can get the storage space you need at a price you can manage.

    All you need for the many different size units and payment plans is the first month’s rent and a credit card or voided check. No need worrying about a security deposit, as we only charge a one-time administration fee.  With anniversary billing, your rental due date is on the same date every month. If that doesn’t work, you can change your rental due date to better coincide with your pay day with no problem. Just let one of our Self Storage Specialists know and they will change it to any day that works best for you.  Along with our many features, POUCH offers bonuses.  For instance, if you pre-pay six months in advance, you get a 6% discount each month for six consecutive months.

    Whether you need short or long-term storage, Pouch Self Storage prides itself on “Making it as Easy as it Should Be” to find a unit for your self-storage needs in Orange County, Long Beach, Rancho Cucamonga and Pasadena. Come in today to find a self-storage unit that works for you. To learn more about payment options, call (888) 258-9626 or contact us online @