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Pouch Happening – More Carts Makes for a Smooth Move

One weekend morning, a tenant came in at 8:00 am just as we opened. She said that she wants to be early so she can use the carts and get done moving before it gets busy. But to her surprise, she saw two Pouch Trucks parked in front of our property and when she walked in to our bay area she saw more carts than there used to be. We told her that one of our facility trucks was here to get some boxes and we had new carts delivered. We also told her that the trucks from our other facilities are also available for move in. She was happy to know that we ordered more carts to make her move easier and have a back up truck if needed. She said she had a great experience renting with us and would like to recommend us to her friends and neighbors.

happening, more carts2 happening, more carts