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  • How Much Space Do You Need from Your Storage Unit?

    Storage Size

    Every year,  self-storage  clients and unit renters throughout the country lose money investing in a storage unit that’s too large for their needs. That’s why it’s so important to assess your space needs before choosing your unit. Here is a guide to determining how much space you will need from your storage unit:

    Identify Items In Need of Storing
    The first step in determining what size storage unit you need, you must evaluate your items to be stored. It’s easier to box your items so you can create a visual understanding of your needs. If this is not easily achievable, simply make a mental picture of how many items need to be stored and the general size of your collection. 
    Determine How Effectively Items Can be Consolidated
    After identifying items that will be making their temporary home in a Pouch self-storage unit, try to consolidate them into the least number of boxes or bags possible. This will make arranging them inside of your storage unit much easier and may even allow you to go down a unit size. 
    Decide Whether You Will Mix Work and Home Items
    For the sake of space, determine the overall purpose of the unit. Some renters choose to separate various items based on how they pertain to various aspects of their life such as work-related papers or strictly home-related items, such as clothing, artwork, and furniture.  
    Establish a Budget
    Be sure to establish a budget before visiting a Pouch self-storage center in your area. Your size options may be determined by this figure, which will simply mean you have to be more creative in packing and consolidating items into a smaller space. 
    Pouch Self Storage   Centers offer an array of size options to accommodate your needs. Whether you are trying to store a few boxes or five rooms full of items, we can help you calculate your ideal unit size. Call us at (888) 258-9626 to get started on your renting process today.

  • You can store anything with Pouch Self Storage, even an airplane!!!

    Crazy moving story!  A guy rented a 12 x 20 Storage unit.  Close to closing time he came into the office and said he didn’t think he would be able to close his door to the unit.  If you guessed that the reason he couldn’t close the door was because HE WAS STORING AN AIRPLANE, you were right!  So after some adjusting we were able to close the door.  You can store anything with Pouch Self Storage!