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  • What You Can’t Store in Self-Storage

    Self-storage is convenient, creating extra space for your belongings. A storage unit is a great place to store seasonal items or to keep your things temporarily while you’re relocating. There are some things, however, that should absolutely never be kept in self-storage.

    There are some crazy stories out there of people storing outlandish items that would never occur to most of us. A doctor storing brains in jars, a man storing his amputated leg, and another man who kept his deceased grandmother in a coffin in his storage unit are just a few of the wilder tales of misused storage space. There have also been stolen goods found in storage unit, and one man decided to store his aquarium full of fish, with predictably disastrous results. In most cases, however, people store the wrong items because they simply didn’t realize they weren’t permitted to do so. How well do you know the rules? Check your knowledge against this list of self-storage “don’ts.”

    • Don’t store anything that can catch fire or explode. Seriously, please don’t. Gasoline, propane, oil, grease, chemicals, cleaners, and paint can all catch fire, destroying your belongings as well as things that belong to other people. Fireworks, explosives, and dangerous chemicals are absolutely prohibited from self-storage.
    • Don’t store anything toxic. Chemicals, fertilizers, and cleaning products can all cause problems when their fumes mix. Don’t store anything poisonous or contagious, either, and absolutely no bioweapons.
    • Don’t store non-operational, unregistered, or uninsured vehicles. You’re only allowed to store vehicles that are registered, insured, and functional. If you move your boat, RV, trailer, motorcycle, car, or truck into storage, you’ll be asked to present proof of registration and your driver’s license.
    • Don’t store anything illegal. This includes stolen goods and illegal drugs. We have security cameras recording video evidence of the things you place in your storage unit. Why wouldn’t we turn you in and get the reward? Also, it’s easy for law enforcement to obtain a search warrant for your storage unit. Just don’t do it.
    • Don’t store anything weapon-related. Well, if you want to store your back issues of Guns and Ammo magazine, that’s ok, but weapons, ammunition, and bombs are definitely not. Don’t store your flame throwers, hand grenades, land mines, mortar shells, bazookas- well, you get the picture. Don’t store anything that might lead the FBI or ATF to believe you’re up to no good.
    • Don’t store perishable items. Food items that require refrigeration obviously don’t belong in a storage unit. Neither do food items in bags and improperly-sealed containers. All of these things can cause trouble with mold and bacteria, as well as attracting vermin. What might surprise you is that canned goods cannot be kept in storage units. Especially in units that aren’t climate controlled, they can explode.
    • Don’t store live plants in your storage unit. Not only is this a great way to attract bugs to the storage unit, but it’s also a terribly unkind thing to do to a plant! Plants need sunlight to live, so if you can’t take them with you, give them to someone who will care for them.
    • Don’t store anything wet or even damp in self-storage. You’re welcome to store your beach toys, surfboards, and even scuba gear, excluding the tanks because, as stated previously, you can’t store things that might explode. The catch is that you have to dry all these things thoroughly before you put them away. Storing anything with moisture in a storage unit invites the growth of mold and mildew, which no one wants.
    • Don’t store yourself or your pets. This may seem obvious and like something you’d never do, but people have been known to try living in a storage unit from time to time. This isn’t a great idea for many reasons, but one reason is that we have security cameras everywhere! Your things will be safe and secure, but a storage space is a terrible place to hide out.

    Now that you know what you shouldn’t put in self-storage, bring the things you do want to store to Pouch Self Storage. We’ve been operating mini-storage facilities since 1979 and we’re committed to keeping our clients’ belongings safe. Founded by John Yelland, who hails from Australia, Pouch Self Storage is named in honor of the kangaroo’s pouch- nature’s safe and secure storage spot. We’re an industry leader in design, building, and maintenance of self-storage facilities, and we strive to give our occupants the most advanced security systems available. At our nine Southern California facilities, you’ll find state-of-the-art computer monitoring systems that allow our self-storage managers to monitor the opening and closing of every storage unit door, 24 hours a day. For more information, call (800) 378-4598 or contact us through our website.