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  • Inside Look at the Self-Storage Industry


    If you’re considering storing your things in self-storage, you might want to know more about the state of the industry. Is it a business that’s likely to remain viable over the next several years? Are you safe leaving your things there, or do you need to worry that your self-storage facility will close, and you’ll have to scramble to find another place for your belongings? We’ve got good news! The self-storage industry is a very profitable one, and it’s likely to continue to grow in value over the coming years. In 2020, the worldwide self-storage market had a value of $48.02 billion, and it’s expected to continue to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 5.45 percent between 2021 and 2026. It’s clear that self-storage is here to stay, so feel free to plan for long-term use of your storage unit. Why is self-storage doing so well?


    • Nearly everyone could use a little bit of extra space. It seems like no matter how large a house is, there are always excess items that need to be handled. Since storage issues are so common, self-storage is a necessary industry, providing a convenient solution. While those in the rental house business often have trouble finding tenants, this is never an issue for self-storage.
    • Once people move their things into a storage unit, they’re not likely to move them back out quickly. Having packed everything and carried it to a storage unit, people are not going to shift it to a different one because they found a better price. Rather, people tend to rent storage units and keep them for a long time, possibly longer than they originally intended.
    • Pandemic-driven shifts have propelled self-storage to further success. Offices are downsizing, and people are increasingly working from home. On both sides of this equation, there’s a need for self-storage, as business owners store office furniture to lower their overhead on their office space and workers store home furnishings to make room for a newly necessary home office. What’s more, many families have found themselves in a position to downsize, which creates a need for self-storage for the residential sector.
    • Baby Boomers and Millennials are a boon to the self-storage industry. As they grow older and leave the workforce, many Boomers are downsizing or migrating to other states, yet don’t want to give up their possessions. Millennials are flocking to urban areas, where they’ll have smaller living space, and they’re moving more frequently than prior generations did. For both these generations, then, self-storage provides a convenient solution to storage issues.
    • Innovative new technology is easy to implement in the self-storage business. Modern self-storage facilities offer consumers a technology-rich experience that’s convenient and responsive. Contactless methods of doing business are extremely popular, especially self-service kiosks. Further, many storage facilities are offering customers the opportunity to do everything online or on their phones, from choosing and renting a storage unit to paying their monthly storage bill.
    • You get more out of self-storage than simply storage space. Self-storage facilities also sell locks, boxes, packing supplies, and more, to make moving and storing your things easy and convenient.

    Pouch Self Storage is an example of a self-storage facility that’s been growing and thriving for years because of a commitment to taking care of our customers.  We’ve been operating mini-storage facilities since 1979 and we’re committed to keeping our clients’ belongings safe. Founded by John Yelland, who hails from Australia, Pouch Self Storage is named in honor of the kangaroo’s pouch- nature’s safe and secure storage spot. We’re an industry leader in design, building, and maintenance of self-storage facilities, and we strive to give our occupants the most advanced security systems available. At our nine Southern California facilities, you’ll find state-of-the-art computer monitoring systems that allow our self-storage managers to monitor the opening and closing of every storage unit door, 24 hours a day. For more information, call (800) 378-4598 or contact us through our website.

  • Reserve Your Free Moving Truck Today!

    Renting a storage unit from POUCH means you’ll get a great price on a secure self-storage space that is just right for your needs. Did you know it also means you can move your items with a free moving truck? Our We Move You FREE program makes moving into your storage unit as easy and affordable as possible.

    To reserve a free moving truck, you must have a confirmed reservation for a new storage space. Simply contact your storage facility to set up a date and time for the truck. We provide the truck, driver, and gas free of charge. The driver is not allowed to assist you in moving your items, but the truck comes equipped with an appliance dolly and 10 moving pads at no extra cost.

    Free moving trucks are available within a 15-mile radius of your POUCH Self-Storage facility. To reserve a truck or learn more about storage units in Lake Forest, call (800) 378-4598.

  • POUCH Happening – Package Security

    Out of our many services, one of our tenants loves the fact we accept his business packages and place them in his unit. His work keeps him in the field a lot and he can’t always be available to receive his merchandise. He feels very secure in the knowledge that when his deliveries arrive, we sign for them and place them in his storage unit and lock it. We then call him and inform him that his items have arrived and are safe in his space. He gets this great service just by signing a Hold Harmless Agreement. It’s that simple. Another great feature about this service…it’s FREE!

  • POUCH Happening – Memorial Day Confusion

    FOUNTAIN VALLEY – When I arrived the other morning a tenant was already parked ahead of me. I parked next to him but stayed in my car. I saw him going back and forth trying to open the office door. So finally I went out from my car and told him we open at 7:00 AM.

    He also said that he was here the same time yesterday. I told him we’re closed for Memorial Day and pointed to him the door sign stating we’re closed. I also showed him the big sign for the access hours at the entry gate.

    From being upset earlier he now looked embarrassed so I asked him if he read all the posted signs. He said he lost his reading glasses and can’t read at close range. I told him next time just to call if he’s not sure. He just looked at me again as if he never heard what I said. Then smiling he said, he has a hard time hearing as well.

    He apologized for being early and thanked me for being here on time to help him out.

  • POUCH Happening – Happy Customer

    One of our newest customers at Tustin Self Storage, was very happy with our customer service, she wanted to give us 10 stars on Google or Yelp, unfortunately the limit is only 5. She went to a competitor around the corner from us, but decided to rent with us because of our customer service .Looking at her picture , you can tell how happy she is.

  • POUCH Happening – Flat Screen

    Some of our tenants are pretty resourceful when moving and storing their belongings with no help. Many times they are unable to find an extra set of hands to lift a heavy object when they need them. On this day, a customer needed to get a large flat screen TV into his SUV.

    He managed to get this 50” monitor with the stand on one of our carts and wheel it to his vehicle. He needed to get the TV off the stand before he could place it in the back seat. His method left of removing the TV from the stand startled my coworker and I. He was standing on the unsecured cart and trying to shake the TV off the stand!

    We immediately went outside to warn our tenant of the dangerous circumstances and showed him a better way to accomplish his task. He was grateful for our intervention and input.

  • POUCH Happening – Impressed

    She was impressed. A potential new customer came into POUCH Self Storage – Anaheim looking for a small space. She told me what she was storing then I escorted her to the storage space. As we walked to the unit, she was taking notice of the doors, walls and ceilings. I explained how the security works and that her belongings will be secured. She asked how old was the building was. I said that it has been here for about 25 years.

    She said, “I’m impressed. I thought it was a relatively new place.” I emphasized the fact that we take pride in maintaining our facility. I said, “Thank you!” I also mentioned that we have other customers and vendors who have made the same observation. I showed her the space and she agreed it was the perfect size. She reserved the unit and thanked me for my time.

    I thanked her for her business. She said as she was leaving, “I think a company that takes care of their property will take care of my property too.”

  • POUCH Happening – Scarf

    One of our tenants came in and said she has got to get in her unit and organize it. She mentioned before that she has some old clothes she needs to go through and take to the Goodwill. A while later she came back into the office carrying a big box of clothes and to sign out.

    As she was leaving, an old homeless woman happened to be walking by the front of the facility. We could see out the office window and witnessed something wonderful. The tenant was speaking to the old woman and began handing her clothes from the box. They both smiled as the tenant held several garments up to her verifying size to fit. It looked like they were done and started to walk away.

    Then, the tenant hurried back to the old woman, removed the scarf around her neck and wrapped it around the old woman’s neck and shoulders. The tenant hugged the old woman and waved goodbye. The old woman continued on her way with a smile on her face that she did not have earlier.

  • POUCH Happening – You’re the Bomb

    A long time customer of POUCH Victoria came into the office today and said you guys are really “The bomb! Your customer service cannot be beat, I love this place!” We thanked her and said, “To us our customers here in Rancho Cucamonga are “The Bomb!”

  • POUCH Happening – Easy As It Should Be

    Busy day! Last Sunday, we realized that our parking lot was not quite big enough. The day started typically but the afternoon became a little more hectic. Our facility front was one big traffic jam. We had three big trucks from new tenants unloading into their units. Two of the big trucks had to park side by side.

    Every single parking spot was occupied. Tenants were coming and going. All the carts were being used and the lifts were going non-stop. Yet, in spite of all the hectic activity, all the tenants accomplished their tasks without difficulties. Everyone shared the carts, took turns using the lifts and stayed out of everyone else’s way. Another fine example that Pouch, “makes it easy as it should be.”