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  • Picking the Right Size Moving Truck

    When it’s time to rent a storage unit for your belongings, a moving truck, moving pads, and furniture dolly will help you get your possessions there safely. People often make the mistake of selecting a truck that’s too small. As a general rule of thumb, you should choose a truck that’s a size larger than you think you’ll need. Otherwise, you may find yourself having to unload the truck to get a larger one, make multiple trips, or leave some of your possessions behind.

    The amount of space in a moving truck is expressed in cubic feet. It’s tricky to estimate exactly which size truck you’ll need, unless you love math and enjoy calculating the volume of your furniture. Professional movers usually make estimates by the number of rooms. About three rooms of furniture can fit into a truck with 20 cubic feet of space.

    POUCH Self Storage is pleased to offer free moving trucks and their accompanying drivers to help our customers in San Juan Capistrano move belongings to storage units. Call (800) 378-4598 or explore our website to check out our storage units in advance.

  • Simplifying Your Financial Records

    Does it feel like clutter is taking over your home? Sorting through documents can be a good place to start decluttering, but be careful what you toss out. When you watch this video, you’ll hear a records management expert explain which tax documents you should keep in storage, and which ones you can safely shred.

    Since the IRS can audit your tax returns as far back as seven years, you should keep all of your returns and supporting documents for seven years. These documents may include business receipts, canceled checks, and 1099 forms. You should save documents pertaining to your retirement accounts for the rest of your life. However, you can safely shred credit card statements after about two months.

    POUCH Self Storage makes records management easy with our storage units in San Juan Capistrano. Call (800) 378-4598, and be sure to ask us about our available packing supplies to help you stay organized.

  • The First-Time RV Owner’s Guide to Storage

    There can be quite a learning curve when you purchase your first RV, and learning how to maneuver it is only half the battle. Consider joining a club or meet-up for RV enthusiasts to pick the brains of experienced RV travelers. Pay close attention to any advice you get on RV storage , as properly winterizing your vehicle is crucial for keeping it in like-new condition.

    Turn off all appliances.

    Safe RV storage requires that all LP gas appliances be turned off. You should also shut off the main gas supply valve, and take off the fuse for the LP gas leak detector. Prevent insects from nesting in these areas by covering up the water heater, furnace, and refrigerator vents. Unplug all appliances, and turn off the main breaker. Don’t forget to check in the fridge! Remove all items, and defrost the freezer. Keep the fridge and freezer doors open while the RV is in storage.

    Keep the batteries in good condition.

    Always remove the negative terminal of the battery first. If there’s any corrosion, you can use a mixture of baking soda and water to clean the batteries. After placing the batteries in storage, revisit them every month. Take a battery charger with you, and recharge them if they’re at 80% power or less.

    Prevent water damage during long-term vehicle storage.

    Moisture damage is every RV owner’s enemy . First, give your RV a good scrub, and then check all of the rubber seals, caulking, and silicon seams. Repair or replace anything that looks damaged. Next, consider installing vent covers on the roof vents, if your RV currently lacks them. With special vent covers, you can leave each of the roof vents open during long-term storage to allow for air circulation without risking water damage. This can prevent musty odors from building up.

    Outdoor and covered RV storage in Rancho Cucamonga is available from POUCH Self Storage. We offer flexible payment plans and unbeatable rental terms for our vehicle storage options. You can reach us at (800) 378-4598 if you have any questions.

  • What Medical Offices Need to Know About Records Shredding

    Electronic health records (EHRs) are revolutionizing the healthcare industry. Although countless medical practices have now made the switch or are setting up EHR systems, there are still plenty of paper documents that need to be managed in a way that protects patient confidentiality. Compliant records management and secure document shredding will maintain your practice’s good reputation.

    Applicable Practices

    Records retention and shredding compliance requirements apply to all types of medical offices. Your office must take strict steps to protect patient privacy, regardless of whether it’s a major medical center or a small family medicine office.

    • Chiropractors
    • Dentists
    • Nursing homes
    • Psychiatrists
    • Massage therapists
    • Walk-in clinics
    • Mental health counselors
    • Substance abuse treatment facilities

    All of the above types of practices need to be careful with confidential patient information, as well as any other type of provider who sees patients.

    Retention Requirements

    A patient’s medical records need to be retained in a secure location for years. The exact length of time can vary from state to state. Consider checking with a legal professional or your state’s medical association for guidance. For example, in California, individual physicians aren’t subject to retention requirements, but hospitals are. The medical records of an adult patient must be kept for at least seven years after the last date of discharge. Records of minor patients must be kept for either seven years after the last date of discharge, or until the patient is 19 years old—whichever period is longer applies.

    Information Destruction Policies

    Every medical office should have a clear, written policy regarding the retention and destruction of confidential medical information. Stored documents must be reasonably secure. Document shredding must also be done in a confidential, secure way. To protect your patients and to protect your office from liability, you should use a professional document destruction service.

    Confidential and secure on-site shredding services are available at POUCH Self Storage . We’re pleased to offer this important service at all of our locations, including our self-storage facility in Lake Forest. You can call (800) 378-4598 if you have any questions about on-site document shredding.