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  • Pouch Happening – More Carts Makes for a Smooth Move

    One weekend morning, a tenant came in at 8:00 am just as we opened. She said that she wants to be early so she can use the carts and get done moving before it gets busy. But to her surprise, she saw two Pouch Trucks parked in front of our property and when she walked in to our bay area she saw more carts than there used to be. We told her that one of our facility trucks was here to get some boxes and we had new carts delivered. We also told her that the trucks from our other facilities are also available for move in. She was happy to know that we ordered more carts to make her move easier and have a back up truck if needed. She said she had a great experience renting with us and would like to recommend us to her friends and neighbors.

    happening, more carts2 happening, more carts

  • Pouch Happening – Our First Video Testimony

    Happening - Jim Testimony

    We’ve been telling our tenants that we are now on Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites. We also told them we would appreciate it if they would visit our website and write a comment about their experience with us.

    Well, today, one of our long-term multi unit tenants stopped by to say he would like to write a comment. First we asked if he’d like to be on video. He said he wants to write only because he doesn’t look good on video. We told him to write his comment then we’ll print it in big letters to create “Que Card’s” while we take the video. One of us will be the director, the other will be the card holder and he’ll be the actor. He gathered enough confidence and after three takes, we got our first video testimony.

  • When Can Storage Units Be Useful for You

    Storage units come in all shapes and sizes and POUCH Self Storage offers over 150, which gives you access to a wide range of self-storage possibilities. Whether you move frequently or live in the same house for decades, a self-storage facility could be very helpful for you. Keep reading to find out when you should rely on a self-storage facility:

    African American Family Unpacking Boxes Moving House

    During a Move

    Moving can be a stressful time for anyone. Alleviate some of the hassle by taking advantage of a self-storage unit. This short or long-term solution gives you the time and space you need to focus on other aspects of your relocation, renovation or even restoration. Once you feel settled into your new home or office, you can collect your belongings and find space for them in your new location. 

    During a Renovation

    Are you planning to redo the interior of your home or office? Place furniture and other items into storage during the project so you can easily finish the job. Without the need to work around the furniture, you can get the work done faster. Use a self-storage unit during a home renovation to lessen the stress of the process.

    During a Transition

    Sometimes big life changes make it difficult to stay organized. Whether you have a baby on the way, are getting married, or want to convert a guest bedroom into a home office, self-storage gives you the space you need. You can clear out rooms in your house without throwing away belongings you might need at a later date. Even if you need to keep your items in storage for a few years, they will be there waiting for you when you are ready to use them.

    When you need storage, Pouch Self Storage is here for you. Serving Orange County, Long Beach, Rancho Cucamonga and Pasadena, we offer clean and secure storage units that are perfect for every need. Since 1979, we have been dedicated to “Making it as Easy as it Should Be” for your personal and business needs. To learn more about our storage units and other features, visit our website @ or call (888) 258-9626.

  • Pouch Happening – Our Interesting Tenants

    One of our tenant’s great aunt’s worked in the White House under four administrations starting with President Truman and ending with President Johnson. She would tell her of the times when president Kennedy would come to the kitchen with his children in search of ice cream and sit down and spend time just talking with his children and the help. She retired at the age of 75 living to the age of 102.

  • Dave Hester Stops by Pouch Self Storage

    Dave Hester of ‘Storage Wars’ talks about Pouch Self Storage. Click below to see the video!

  • Plan Your Move with This Android App

    android app pic

    Are you already stressing out about your upcoming relocation? The Moving Planner app for Android can help. Already populated with more than 210 moving tasks, this app gets you and keeps you organized throughout the entire process.

    Whether you are trying to find movers or a self-storage unit , Moving Planner allows you to keep all of your relocation information in one place. Whatever information you need to find, you can do it with a few easy finger swipes.

    Use this app to organize your storage unit at Pouch Self Storage . Since 1979, we have offered top of the line storage services for residents in Orange County, Long Beach, Rancho Cucamonga and Pasadena. Call (888) 258-9626 today to find out how we make it easy to move and store your belongings!

  • Pouch Happening – The Big Bang Theory

    pouch big bang theory

    Once again it was a busy Sunday afternoon here at Anaheim. Tenants in and out and the usual rushing to use the carts. Then, suddenly we heard a loud bang, which seemed to have come from upstairs. A few moments later, we heard police cars and fire trucks coming our way. The sound came from a transformer that blew up in front of our facility.

    Trying to be prepared just in case the power will be shut off, we told all our tenants to finish whatever they’re doing as soon as possible. Then, just as we expected, we saw the Anaheim Utilities electrician cut the wire and we’re in darkness.

    Our tenants were very appreciative that we told them ahead of time so they wouldn’t be left in the dark (get it? “left in the dark”). They also noticed that all our emergency lights were on and our computer system is still operating. We confidently told them that we’re always prepared for emergencies and make sure that if it happens, they can always find their way out.

  • Packing Supplies to Help You Prepare Your Property for Storage

    Before hauling your items to POUCH self-storage , you should stock up on Boxes and Packing Supplies. Whether you are storing clothing or furniture, the right supplies enhance the entire storage experience by protecting your items from the elements. Keep reading to see which supplies you should use for your storing needs:

    pouch items

    Keep your belongings organized inside of the self-storage unit with moving boxes that offer a sturdy way to group your possessions and stack them in an orderly fashion. Available in a wide variety of sizes, POUCH Self Storage offers boxes that give your belongings an added layer of protection inside the already secure unit. In addition, by stacking your boxes upwards it will save you money by not having to rent a larger storage unit.

    Markers and Packing Tape
    Once you have all of the boxes packed , markers and packing tape allow you to close and label them to keep them organized inside the unit. When you clearly mark the contents of the box on the outside, you can always find what you need inside of the unit.

    Furniture Covers
    Protect your furniture, mattresses and other items from dust and dirt by stocking up on furniture and dust covers. Furniture covers are great for couches, chairs, mattresses, and even tables. They keep your pieces in the same condition in which you left them so they look great when you are ready to pick them up.

    Even though the items in your storage unit remain stationary, tying them together with rope gives you an even greater guarantee that things are less likely to go wrong, shift or fall. Use rope on items you do not plan to use for a long time to keep them securely stored in the unit.

    Not only does POUCH Self Storage offer great storage options for Orange County, Pasadena, Rancho Cucamonga and Long Beach, but we also sell a wide variety of useful packing supplies. Come in today to purchase the items you need to feel comfortable with your self-storage unit . For more information on our self-storage options, visit our website @ or call (888) 258-9626.

  • Pouch Self Storage Customer Message – Pasadena

  • What Is Planet Aid?


    If you have any unwanted clothing, shoes or other textiles, consider making a donation to Planet Aid during your next visit to any Pouch Self Storage location. Planet Aid is an organization that recycles unwanted clothing textiles and donates to impoverished communities around the world. Not only does Planet Aid prevent your unwanted items from filling a landfill, they also provide valuable support for great worldwide projects that create sustainable development and opportunities in developing areas. From their humble beginnings as a few donation sites in and around Boston, Planet Aid has expanded to donate and recycle millions of pounds of unwanted clothing each year. Simply look for the large Planet Aid bin to make your Planet Aid donation.

    Pouch Self Storage is proud to support Planet Aid , and encourage you to bring your used clothing, shoes and textiles to donate at our convenient donation boxes. To learn more about Planet Aid or POUCH Self Storage in Orange, Los Angeles and San Bernardino Counties, call Pouch Self Storage at (888) 258-9626.