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Pouch Happening – The Big Bang Theory

pouch big bang theory

Once again it was a busy Sunday afternoon here at Anaheim. Tenants in and out and the usual rushing to use the carts. Then, suddenly we heard a loud bang, which seemed to have come from upstairs. A few moments later, we heard police cars and fire trucks coming our way. The sound came from a transformer that blew up in front of our facility.

Trying to be prepared just in case the power will be shut off, we told all our tenants to finish whatever they’re doing as soon as possible. Then, just as we expected, we saw the Anaheim Utilities electrician cut the wire and we’re in darkness.

Our tenants were very appreciative that we told them ahead of time so they wouldn’t be left in the dark (get it? “left in the dark”). They also noticed that all our emergency lights were on and our computer system is still operating. We confidently told them that we’re always prepared for emergencies and make sure that if it happens, they can always find their way out.