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  • POUCH Happening – Unique Tenants

    Here at Fountain Valley Self Storage, we have unique tenants. Last week one of our tenants did some maintenance work on their unit and cell site. Little did they know that there’s also another tenant staying on their cell site. So the temporary tenants were forced to leave and had to find another place to stay until the main tenant has completed their maintenance. But sure enough they found a secure place to temporarily stay for a while.

  • Storage Ideas for Young Professionals

    When you are a young professional, you probably do not have a lot of room to keep all your belongings, as you may be saving up to buy your first dream house or apartment. Knowing how to store your keepsakes and belongings in the meantime will help save space until you buy or rent your residence. Using self-storage in Orange, Los Angeles or San Bernardino County can help you store your favorite belongings. For help deciding how to store your goods, read on.

    Storing Mementos Storing Mementos
    When you move away from your parents, you will probably have many keepsakes from your childhood. Chances are you never thought twice about them when you lived at your parent’s home because they were tucked away somewhere. As you rent away from your parents, these keepsakes can become tiresome to move all the time. Photos, yearbooks, journals, should be cherished and kept safe and secure. That said, having to move them around with you until you find your forever home is a hassle. Getting yourself a self-storage unit is a great way to keep your precious keepsakes safe without having them take up space in the place you are renting for now.

    Storing Out of Season Clothes
    Even Southern California has two seasons. If your current place doesn’t have large closets, keeping a year’s supply of clothing in a small space can be difficult. Fortunately, boxing up clothes worn in cooler months can save you tons of space. Boxing them up and placing them under your bed or in a personal storage will allow you the ability to keep all your loved clothing without having to sacrifice closet space.

    If you are a young professional looking to gain some space, call POUCH Self Storage at (800) 378-4598. For more than 30 years, we have been keeping our customers’ belongings safe so they can free up space in their current homes. We look forward to storing your precious belongings until you are ready to reunite with them.

  • POUCH Happening – We Meet Again

    Today while one tenant was inputting his code on the keypad, another tenant was signing in. The tenant that was signing in recognized the other tenant as a friend from over 30 years ago! The two were friends from when they were 10 until they graduated high school and went their separate ways. They caught up for a few minutes and exchanged social media accounts so they can further reconnect. “I cannot even believe I’m standing here talking to you! I was just thinking about you not too long ago wondering where you were and how you were. It is amazing to run into you.” Glad to watch two of our tenants reconnect after so many years!!

  • POUCH Happening – New Bathroom

    We recently remodeled our bathroom. Tenants have been asking why we have to tear apart the whole bathroom. We told them that it is one our priorities to make sure that our facility makes immediate repairs and if needed renovations to make our facility up with the building code standards. Tenants were pleased to know that we are always on top of repairs and upgrades especially with services such as providing a handicap access bathroom. For now it looks like this but just wait for the finished bathroom. Coming soon….

  • POUCH Happening – Annual Inspection

    It’s time again for our Fire Department’s Annual Inspection. They just showed up without notice and said they’re going around the property to do the inspection. I let them in and about fifteen minutes they said they’re done. All were good and up to date.

  • POUCH Happening – No Parking No Problem

    We’ve been quite busy the past week that our parking lot was full all the time. Then, the maintenance company showed up and parked on the side for a few days. Now we also have traffic congestion on the street but we never heard our tenants complain about the traffic or limited parking. They all say that they missed the strawberry fields. We told them, we agree but as long as we’re here they’ll be fine. Not one of them disagreed.

  • How to Prepare Your RV for Winter Storage

    Storing an RV in Winter If you’re not planning on traveling in your RV over the winter, consider storing it at an RV storage facility near you. This will save you space at your home, and protect your RV from the weather. Before storing your RV, there are a few things you must do to prepare it for storage at a RV storage facility .

    Perform All Necessary Vehicle Maintenance
    Repair any damage to the interior or exterior that will allow outside air into the vehicle, or that could be an entry point for insects or animals. Cover all external vents, close the drain and gas valve, drain all tanks (plumbing and water heater.) Check tire pressure, put air in tires if necessary, and cover the them with wheel covers. Fill up the gas tank, and include fuel stabilizer. Wash the RV thoroughly, and wax it to protect the exterior from damage and weather.

    Invest in a High-Quality RV Cover
    Do not use a plastic tarp to cover your RV, as moisture builds up underneath and can cause rust. Purchase a high-quality RV cover made of durable, breathable material that can be securely affixed to your RV. This is particularly important if you are using an outdoor RV vehicle storage facility rather than covered vehicle storage.

    Winterize Appliances and Remove Batteries
    Winterize and protect the generator, water heater, furnace, refrigerator, icemaker, washer, dryer, and toilet. Use antifreeze in the vehicle’s plumbing system, water heater, and radiator. Remove food from the refrigerator and freezer, and leave the refrigerator and freezer doors open while the vehicle is stored. Remove all house batteries and the starting battery from the vehicle and store them somewhere where they won’t freeze.

    If you’re looking for RV storage in Orange County , Los Angeles County or San Bernardino County, come see us at POUCH Self Storage. We offer vehicle, boat, and RV storage. For more information, visit our website or call a Self Storage Specialist at (800) 378-4598.

  • POUCH Happening – New Awning

    It’s been sometime since our awning was removed for repair. Tenants have been saying that our office looked different but really never closely observed that the awning has been removed. But last week it was installed back. Now our tenants have been saying our office looked different. Again it was the awning. Not completely finished yet but it makes a big difference.

    New Awning at Pouch

  • POUCH Happening – Paintings

    We have a tenant who provides painting lessons as part of her business. Recently she had an event where she donated the paintings for charitable purposes. She has been a very satisfied tenant and offered to give us some nice paintings that we can giveaway or donate as well.

  • POUCH Happening – Water Conservation

    Our tenants were surprised to see that we contracted a professional company to wash and clean our doors. We told them that we with the current water shortage we are experiencing, it’s best to have all our doors cleaned without wasting water. At the same time we continually provide a great service to all our customers by making our facility well maintained. Our tenants agreed and were happy to know that we are concerned about the California drought and the ways were adopting to help conserve water.

    Conserving Water