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  • POUCH Happening – Beautiful Day

    Beautiful day in Rancho Cucamonga

    Another beautiful day here in Rancho Cucamonga, customers are filling their propane tanks to barbeque and seemingly the weather is keeping everyone smiling.​

  • POUCH Happening – Gracias!

    Periodically, at Pouch Self Storage Anaheim, we call our past and current clients and ask about what they think or remember about our facility, operations and staff. One of our past Latin tenants commented on how she appreciated that the staff made every effort to speak Spanish to her. Even though English is the first language for the 3 managers, she felt she was valued as customer and her culture was respected. She has referred many of her friends to our facility because of the way she treated as more than just a customer. We provide excellent customer service in any language. Gracias!

  • A Step-by-Step Guide to Self-Storage [INFOGRAPHIC]

    Whether due to moving, leaving town temporarily, or simply downsizing, most people find themselves needing a storage unit at some point in their lives. Self-storage is a convenient and affordable way to keep your important belongings without taking up valuable space at home. The keys to getting the most out of storage units are careful packing and thoughtful organizing when you move in. By taking time to plan the packing and placement of your boxes, you can maximize your space and access your belongings easily when needed. In this infographic, POUCH Self Storage covers the step-by-step process of using self-storage units. We provide self-storage in Orange County and a “We Move You Free” program for your convenience. You can help ease the self-storage process for others by sharing this information.

  • POUCH Happening – Judy to the Rescue!

    28 years of experience really helped Victoria yesterday when a new customer was stuck in their R.V. space with no room to get in or out. As the customer came in huffing and puffing in frustration at the R.V.’s betwixted position Judy stepped in, hopped on the cart and went to help. Judy guided them into the spot not without challenge, however successfully and safely. The customer took the pouch brochure out of his pocket and said ” See now I know your secret phrase is true! Quality and service you can count on!”

  • POUCH Happening – New Banner

    New Marketing Banner

    We are very happy to announce, our marketing banner is proudly displayed next to freeway where lots of people will be able to see it daily. Funny, while we were installing it, several passerby’s began, honking & waiving at us. Thank you Yelland Properties Inc. for helping us get the permit information to the city early enough to advertise it before the weekend.

  • POUCH Happening – Musicians at Pouch

    We have had many musicians in the store with us over the years. They have played with a wide range of artists from Barbara Streisand to the Elm Tree Blues Society. “Where the only dues you pay is the Blues you play”. This week we rented to someone that played with Luciano Poriarotti no less!

  • POUCH Happening – Kiosk

    When I came in one morning there was a tenant standing at the Kiosk. I asked if he needs help. He said he was here the night before and was trying to make a payment but got delayed in traffic. Thinking what he can do to avoid the late charges he tried calling the office but got the answering service. Then he saw for the first time the Kiosk. The reason he said he was here that morning was to make sure that we got his payment. He has been renting here for quite some but never noticed the Kiosk until last night. In fact he said what great customer service we had that even after closing a live video answering service from the Kiosk would help him through the process. He was so relieved when he made his payment and was thankful we have payment options such as the kiosk.

  • POUCH Happening – Boys & Girls Club

    We had lots of fun on last Saturday next door ( Boys & girls club ),lots of cars were parked next to our parking lot. The party was hosted by City of Tustin. We went rightaway to drop off some marketing flyers to their front desk.

  • POUCH Happening – New Units in Fountain Valley

    We recently completed our new unit conversions. We converted our 9 x 12’s to 18 x 12’s which became a very popular size because of its two-access doors. New and current tenants immediately reserved and rented these units. Our existing tenants who rented these new units commented that we really cared for their storage needs by doing this conversion. They appreciated this because now they have easy access to their units using two doors. Not only did it make it more convenient for them, they also saved time and money.

  • POUCH Happening – New Sign for Anaheim

    Pouch Self Storage – Anaheim got a new sign! The old one had seen many years of service and it was time to retire it. It is another fine example that Pouch is always keeping up maintenance and improvements of the facility for our customers.