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  • POUCH Happening | Shredding Recognition

    A tenant came in and said that he read the comments from our happenings section in Facebook.  He said he saw one of our tenants was featured during our Free Shredding Day.  He asked why he was not featured when he had his documents shredded as well. So here he is.  It’s great to know that our tenants are also checking out our Facebook page.

    11-25-2014 2-20-01 PM

  • Using POUCH Self Storage’s Moving Trucks

    Self storage units serve a number of purposes. They can store items you no longer want at home or office and are reluctant to get rid of or they can help you keep items organized before, during, and after a move!

    Here at POUCH Self Storage, we know how hard and stressful the moving process can be…no matter how much you prepare! That’s why we strive to provide the best assistance possible to our potential and existing self storage customers. After renting a space at our any of our self storage facilities, you will be able to take advantage of our “We Move You Free” Program where we provide the truck, driver, gas insurance and much more.  Here’s how it works, first you rent your storage unit then we follow you to your house, apartment, office etc., you load, we drive, you unload. This service is totally and completely free to POUCH customers in need of assistance getting into your storage space.

    "We Move You Free" Truck

    Learn more about our “We Move You Free” Program by contacting  POUCH Self Storage  today! Discover all the products and services POUCH Self Storage has to offer and schedule you storage unit and moving truck by calling us at (888) 258-9626, or reserve your space on line at  www.pouchselfstoragecom  .

  • Storing and Shredding Your Records the POUCH Way [INFOGRAPHIC]

    Running a business is no easy task, and you may find yourself surrounded by paperwork and files that have overflowed from your storage areas at work. Whether your business is moving or you simply want to get more organized, consider the benefits of on-site shredding and records management services. With on-site shredding, all you have to do is place your documents or disks into a locked receptacle, and they will be put in a locked storage area until it’s time for them to be shredded. Records management can be complicated, but POUCH makes it easy by giving you automated notifications of when your documents can be destroyed. You can rest easy knowing that POUCH is HIPPA, FACTA, and SOX compliant. Check out this infographic to learn more about the benefits of on-site document shredding and management at our Orange County self-storage facility. Please feel free to share this info with your friends and colleagues. 


  • Signs It’s Time to Downsize Your Home

    Your home is one of the most important investments you have in your lifetime. But if through the years you feel your home is too big for your needs, it can turn into more of a chore than something you can enjoy. Luckily, renting a self storage unit makes it easy to keep and move your belongings while downsizing your home! Some signs that it is time to downsize include:

    Hispanic couple outside home with sold sign

    The Kids Are Off to College
    Have you recently said goodbye to your former high school aged children as they make their way off to college? This is one of the most common reasons why people decide to downsize their homes. Family homes are purchased by young couples planning to expand their families in the future. There has to be the right amount of space to keep each family member comfortable—but this is typically much more space than needed once the children move out.

    Chores are Exhausting
    If you find yourself too exhausted to handle all of your household chores, it might be time to consider moving into a smaller space. Whether your kids are moving out on their own or you plan to retire you might find that you have more space than you need. Which means you have a lot more cleaning to handle! Empty nesters often find themselves having to keep up with regular chores for rooms and other parts of the home that simply do not get used anymore. This is another common reason why some people choose to  downsize to a smaller space .

    Your Goals Have Changed
    What were your goals when you bought your current home? Did you want a place where your children could run around and play or perhaps you wanted a special room designed for a specific hobby. If your goals have changed you may not need as much space as you currently have the best alternative is to consider downsizing.

    If you think it’s time to downsize, get storage help from our Specialists at POUCH Self Storage whose number one goal is to “Make Your Move As Easy As It Should Be”! Check out  our website  or call us at (888) 927-6052 to learn about our Orange County, Los Angeles County and San Bernardino County self storage options to make is as easy as it should be.

  • POUCH Happening | The Smile Wins

    Have a Smile

    We take great pride in our customer service here at Pouch Self Storage – Anaheim. Another fine example of it happened just last week. A potential new customer came into the office with his wife. I stood up, smiled and said, “ Come on in! “ We shook hands and introduced ourselves. He turned to his wife and said, “ Now THIS is customer service. A greeting like that tells me that you enjoy working with people. “ I said, “ Thank you. It’s nice to be appreciated like that. “ We then proceeded to the unit that would fit his needs. He commented on the facility’s cleanliness and upkeep of the hallways. He loved the unit! We went back to the office to fill out the month-to-month contract. As we began the paperwork, he received a call from one of our competitors. The man on the phone asked our new tenant if he was still interested in renting a space from them. He kindly responded, “ No, but thank you for your time. I found a space with Pouch. I feel good about this place. Have a great day. “

    A person’s positive, self-storage experience is not only based on the well maintained secure facilities. Nor the competitive pricing, which we have here at Pouch. Today it was definitely the genuine customer service that won the patronage of our new tenant.

  • Keeping Your Boxes Organized for Storage

    Are you getting ready to move into a new space? The earlier you start packing, the less work you will have to do on the days leading up to your move. But once you start packing up your items, you might have a hard time finding them when you get to your new location.

    Watch this video for a few tips that can help keep your boxes organized before moving day. A good way to start is by labeling each box with its contents and which room it will go into once your in your new space. When possible keep boxes from the same room close to one another so you can easily sort through them.

    These tips will certainly come in handy if you use  self storage  . POUCH Self Storage has a wide variety of boxes and packing supplies to choose from.  Also, don’t forget, if you rent a self storage unit, you can also take advantage of our “We Move You Free” program, where we provide the driver, gas, insurance, dolly and much more, free of charge. Learn more by contacting one of our Self Storage Specialists at (888) 927-6052, or look us up on the web at

  • POUCH Happening | Holiday Change

    Holiday Change

    Well, Halloween has past us and now we look forward to Thanksgiving and Christmas. Our tenants here at Pouch Self Storage – Anaheim were busy hustling and bustling with putting away Halloween decorations. Now the winter decorations are emerging from their units. Boxes of wreaths, wrapping paper, tree ornaments, strands of lights and lawn figures started to fill their cars. The rainy weekend weather added to the holiday mood. Everyone enjoys this time of the year. We’re glad to be a part of it.

  • POUCH Happening | 37 Questions

    On Thursday a prospective tenant came in as she put it looking for a unit and a little information for her husband, well her husband just happens to be an attorney and gave her a list of 37 questions. I’m happy to say between Brandy and myself we answered every question to her satisfaction we only hope her husband is satisfied as well.