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Using POUCH Self Storage’s Moving Trucks

Self storage units serve a number of purposes. They can store items you no longer want at home or office and are reluctant to get rid of or they can help you keep items organized before, during, and after a move!

Here at POUCH Self Storage, we know how hard and stressful the moving process can be…no matter how much you prepare! That’s why we strive to provide the best assistance possible to our potential and existing self storage customers. After renting a space at our any of our self storage facilities, you will be able to take advantage of our “We Move You Free” Program where we provide the truck, driver, gas insurance and much more.  Here’s how it works, first you rent your storage unit then we follow you to your house, apartment, office etc., you load, we drive, you unload. This service is totally and completely free to POUCH customers in need of assistance getting into your storage space.

"We Move You Free" Truck

Learn more about our “We Move You Free” Program by contacting  POUCH Self Storage  today! Discover all the products and services POUCH Self Storage has to offer and schedule you storage unit and moving truck by calling us at (888) 258-9626, or reserve your space on line at  www.pouchselfstoragecom  .