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  • How to Perfectly Pack Your Books for Moving or Storage

    Packing can sometimes feel like an advanced game of Tetris. You want to maximize your available moving or storage space while also protecting the items being transferred. Beat the game with this instructional video on the best way to pack books.

    Before you begin, you may want to gather your supplies. To use this method, you will need small or medium sized moving boxes, bubble wrap, packing tape, craft paper, a marker and scissors.


    The experienced and professional Pouch Self Storage team can help make your move more convenient and efficient. If you live in Orange County, we will pick up your items and deliver them to your Pouch self storage unit free of charge! For more information about our “ We Move You Free ” program, contact us today at (888) 258-9626.

  • Happening from Anaheim Self Storage – Undercover Agents


    I was about to close the store for the night, when suddenly I saw a black Suburban pulled right up front our driveway.  I thought it was one of our tenants who has the same SUV.  However, he never comes in at this time and never parks like that.  He always parked on the yellow line.  So I went out immediately to see what he wants.  To my surprise, the SUV had four people inside with headsets and a Lap Top. I looked closely and all of them were wearing bulletproof vests and had firearms. So I asked if I can help them (As if I can do any better).  I also told them that they were blocking the driveway and should park at the designated parking area.  The driver apologized but then added that this is the best spot for them and will only take a few minutes.  I did not say anything, went inside, and started closing the entry doors and ready to call 911.  Honestly, I was scared and thought; what if they held up our store? Then, the driver stepped out and explained that they were undercover agents and was tipped that a marked vehicle will be passing on our parking lot. He also said not to worry because they had the area surrounded and under control if anything happens.  Well, fortunately nothing happened.  On my way out I asked them, if everything was fine.  The officer said, fine and asked if he can park at the corner parking space to observe for a little while.  I replied yes he can.  Then I thought to myself guess we had some security for the night!


  • The Pouch Self-Storage Specialists

    Pouch Self Storage offers a clean, modern, and secure space for your personal and business storage needs. The Pouch Self-storage specialists, have been trained and tested to evaluate your storage needs, and provide outstanding customer service.  Give us a call or visit one of our many Southern California Self Storage locations .

  • Is It Time You Considered Renting a Storage Unit?

    Junk in the shed

    In general, people tend to accumulate a great deal of personal belonging over the course of their life and, more often than not, run out of room for all that stuff. Fortunately, storage units can solve the headache of trying to figure out where to put all of your belongings. Here are a few common reasons to rent a storage unit:

    Make Room for Guests

    Do you have a long-term house guest coming into town? Are you expecting a new addition to your family?  Spare bedrooms often become a catchall for our home’s clutter, including housing boxes, waylaid pieces of furniture, or other misplaced belongings. Whether you need to make room for a seasonal visitor or for a new permanent resident, additional storage can provide the solution. Clear out a spare bedroom quickly and efficiently by renting a storage unit.

    Store a Collection

    A storage unit is a great place keep a collection that does not otherwise fit in your home. Whether you have compiled a record-breaking comic book collection or have been charged with keeping the family china, self-storage allows you to securely store your belongings while still freeing up space in your home.

    Sell Your Home

    If you are selling your home, eliminating clutter is a key component of home staging. Ridding your home of excess belongings can help to make your space look roomier and more appealing to a prospective buyer. Move your nonessential items into a storage unit to help sell your house more quickly.

    Move Efficiently

    A storage unit can be a key component of an effective moving plan. Before you move, go through your belongings and determine what to keep and store and what to toss . Once you know what items you are working with, rent a storage unit to temporarily house your belongings while you wait for your home to be prepared.

    Are you in need of additional storage? Having operated storage facilities since 1979, the experienced Pouch Self Storage team offers a full line of storage options . Contact us today at (888) 258-9626 to learn more about our self-storage solutions in Orange County.

  • Victoria Self Storage Happening: Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed!

    It was 6:35 p.m. Thursday night when Tulsi got the call – woman in distress, she needs a storage unit now! – She is a travel nurse who just got the call  to leave tonight for her next assignment.  She had already called two other storage facilities in the area which were already closed. By 6:45 p.m. she was here, and by 6:58 p.m. the grateful customer was on her way to the airport.

  • Give These Webpages A Visit To Learn More About What Pouch Self Storage & RV Has To Offer Your Spatial Needs

    Business Storage

    No matter how big or small  Pouch Self Storage proudly offers a variety of unit sizes to accommodate your storage needs. To learn how POUCH can fulfill your spatial needs, and about other services we offer, click the following links. If you’d like to speak to one of our Self Storage Specialists about renting a storage space with us, call us today at (888) 258-9626.

    G et the most out of your rental space , reviewing the tips from this article in Apartment Therapy. 

    If you’re a fashionista and are worried about storing the most prized possessions in your wardrobe, be sure to read this article from Vogue for tips on safe clothing storage .

    To preserve the quality of your  leather furniture  while in storage, Better Homes and Gardens explains the importance of routinely cleaning while your furniture is in storage.

    Labeling your boxes can make accessing items much easier. Take a look at these labels from Martha Stewart to easily print and use on your boxes.

    If you will be storing antique documents in your Pouch Self Storage unit, then be sure to read this article from to learn how to keep them safe over time.

  • Pouch Happening – Fountain Valley Self Storage

    Had a woman call inquire about storage for someone else and said  that she had used Pouch before, the next day she came in with a young couple and rented a unit and we did the free truck move for them, come to find out the woman works for a non-profit organization that helps people who are down and out. The young couple said they were so glad for the truck because they did not have any money to rent a truck. What an awesome feeling knowing that we helped. 🙂