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  • Getting Your RV Ready for Storage

    Having an RV can be one of life’s greatest pleasures. There are few things that feel more freeing than driving down the open road and knowing you can stop just about anywhere because everything you need is right there in your RV. You don’t have to worry about hotels or always eating out when you’re traveling, because your RV is truly a mobile home. When travel season is over, consider parking your RV at POUCH Self-Storage to free up your driveway space. Keep reading to learn how to get your RV ready for storage.

    new recreational vehicles

    When you’re not using your RV during the off-season, be cautioned that some critters might try and take up residence while you’re gone. Mice, squirrels, and other pests can get into your RV if it is not completely sealed off. In addition to leaving a mess in your camper, rodents can chew through wires, plastic, and rubber parts. Check underneath your RV to see if there are any openings where pests could enter. They only need a small amount of space to gain entry, so look carefully with a flashlight. You should also seal off any spaces around where plumbing and wires enter your RV. If you can see light through any gaps, those gaps are big enough to let pests in.

    Readying the Interior
    When you are getting ready to  store your RV , make sure you clean out the fridge and any food in cabinets or drawers. In addition to being attractive to pests, any food left behind could end up rotting and causing a mess. Defrost the freezer and leave baking soda in the fridge with the doors open to let it air out. Shut any blinds or shades to prevent carpet and upholstery from fading or cracking in the sun, and leave your drawers and cabinets open.

    Once your RV is ready for storage, call  POUCH Self Storage & RV  at (888) 927-6052 to speak to a Self Storage Specialist. We have storage space specifically designed to keep your RV safe and secure while you’re not using it. POUCH is happy to make storage experience “As Easy As It Should Be”. 

  • Getting to Know Your Business Storage Options

    Running a business is no easy task, but it helps when you have POUCH Self Storage & RV on your side. POUCH has a variety of business storage options that can help no matter what industry you’re in. We have units as small as a footlocker or larger ones bigger than a two-car garage. Whether you need to store documents, soft goods, equipment, or machinery, POUCH Self Storage can help you. Business customers will also be pleased to learn that we can offer help with package acceptance, sending and receiving faxes, and other business services. When you rent a storage unit from us, feel free to communicate your needs to one of our friendly Self Storage Specialists. We have storage units that are climate controlled (Long Beach), some have power available, all of which can be used as workshops.

    Business Storage

    When your business needs more space, call POUCH Self Storage & RV at (888) 927-6052 to find out more about your  business storage options . We provide clean, modern, and secure storage units for individuals and businesses across the Long Beach,  area. POUCH is proud to stand behind our guarantee for your complete satisfaction. 

  • POUCH Happening | Kangaroo Storage

    A young man and his girlfriend came in to Pouch Self Storage – Anaheim looking for a small space to rent. I asked him how he heard about us. He said he has lived in the area his whole life. He used to walk passed us every day going to and from school. He also told me that when he was a little boy, he imagined that our facility was a place where we kept kangaroos. Because of our logo on our truck and sign out front, he thought that we transported the kangaroos in the truck too.

    We have been here for over 20 years and are an integral part of this community. A vast number of our tenants rent with us because their parents and grandparents have used us in the past. There is no greater compliment than welcoming a new tenant that was referred to us by a friend or family member. 


  • POUCH Happening | Fountain

    Sometimes using the right equipment has its disadvantages.  During one of our ADA repairs, we had a fountain show.  When some of our tenants asked what happened, we replied “That’s part of our repair and maintenance upgrade.” However, freshening up from the hot summer day, with the coolness of the water mist coming from the fountain was very refreshing.

    pouch happening fountain pouch happening fountain 2

  • Tips for Planning an Upcoming Move

    To make your upcoming move “As Easy as As It Should Be”, count on POUCH Self Storage where Our “We Move You Free” program includes a FREE truck move that includes a driver, gas, insurance, dolly, moving blankets, etc all you have to do is load and unload your things to and from one of our self-storage facilities. To learn more about how you can simplify the moving process, read this article.

    Family in new home

    Gather Supplies

    Before you can start moving, you’ll need a generous supply of moving boxes. Make sure not to skimp on boxes, because the cheaper ones are awkwardly sized and tend to fall apart easily. You can purchase good boxes from POUCH Self Storage where we offer a variety of moving and packing supplies . Check it out when you are reserving your storage unit and Free Truck Move.

    Organize Your Belongings

    The cheapest and easiest way to move is with as few things as possible. Start making piles of your belongings you don’t need to take with you. These can be donated, recycled, sold, or put into a self-storage unit. Of the things you want to keep, organize them into boxes. Number each box and keep a sheet of paper or computer document that lists the contents of each box. If you make the list on a smartphone app or a computerized document, you can search for a specific item and find out what box it is in.

    Choose a Mover

    Moving companies sometimes have specials that make their services more affordable. If you want to save as much as you can, it’s better to move your belongings yourself. You can hire somebody to help carry them on and off of the truck, or even pack your belongings for you.

    If you have items you don’t want to sell or give away, putting them in a self-storage unit in Orange County , San Bernardino and Los Angeles Counties, is a great alternative. POUCH Self Storage has storage centers all over the Los Angeles, Orange and San Bernardino areas. Call our Self Storage Specialists at (888) 927-6052 or visit our website at to learn about our “We Move You Free” program, deals on storage units, packing and moving supplies and much more.

  • POUCH Happening | Orange Crush

    One of our tenants makes it his hobby to assemble unique bicycles. He has been featured before. Now, with his recent creation is the orange bicycle we fondly call the “Orange Crush” for his passion in building it and the attention to detail. A hardworking man and a fun person to talk with, we appreciate Bobby as one of our enjoyable and engaging tenants.

    pouch orange

  • Security Features at POUCH Self Storage

    POUCH Self Storage has a number of storage centers in the Los Angeles metro area, San Bernardino and Orange County areas. One of the things that set us apart from our competitors is collection of security features. Before even entering the storage area, one must register in the facility office. Each storage unit door has a transmitter that requires a digital code to activate and deactivate the alarm system. If the door is opened by force, the transmitter registers this activity, and sounds an alarm, and notifies the alarm monitoring company.

    The transmitter also monitors the date and time the door is opened or closed. In addition, our 24-hour surveillance monitors the facility.  If the facility is compromised, the alarm sounds, and the Monitoring Company, Police or Fire department respectfully are notified and summoned. Our 24-hour surveillance includes, cameras, laser beams that monitor the perimeter, verified electronic gate, recording of all activity, and much more.  

    To learn more about the cutting-edge security features you can expect at POUCH Self Storage, visit one of our many locations in Orange, San Bernardino and Los Angeles Counties today, or visit our website at or call one of our Self Storage Specialists at (888) 927-6052 for questions about our safe and secure self storage facilities. 

    Security man.