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Security Features at POUCH Self Storage

POUCH Self Storage has a number of storage centers in the Los Angeles metro area, San Bernardino and Orange County areas. One of the things that set us apart from our competitors is collection of security features. Before even entering the storage area, one must register in the facility office. Each storage unit door has a transmitter that requires a digital code to activate and deactivate the alarm system. If the door is opened by force, the transmitter registers this activity, and sounds an alarm, and notifies the alarm monitoring company.

The transmitter also monitors the date and time the door is opened or closed. In addition, our 24-hour surveillance monitors the facility.  If the facility is compromised, the alarm sounds, and the Monitoring Company, Police or Fire department respectfully are notified and summoned. Our 24-hour surveillance includes, cameras, laser beams that monitor the perimeter, verified electronic gate, recording of all activity, and much more.  

To learn more about the cutting-edge security features you can expect at POUCH Self Storage, visit one of our many locations in Orange, San Bernardino and Los Angeles Counties today, or visit our website at or call one of our Self Storage Specialists at (888) 927-6052 for questions about our safe and secure self storage facilities. 

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