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  • POUCH Happening – Great Things to Be Said About Randy!

    I’ve been at Anaheim for 13 years, as of yesterday. Wow. I have to say that your wonderful self storage in Anaheim has been the one stable thing in my life, since I’ve been on the road all that time, and I am so glad my things have been safely in your hands. Thank you. I am truly blessed.

    And the person who really has helped me from the get-go is Randy. Yes, I know he’s in Tustin, now, but he is such a gem. When the company made on-line payments a reality in 2009, Randy is the one who took the time to show me how to do that, by phone. And whenever I called there about something, he was always friendly, helpful and besides answering my question, he’d always make me laugh with his wonderful sense of humor. I can’t tell you the number of times he’s set the whole tone of my day with his customer service mindset. Thank you so much for having him on your staff. He’s truly made a difference for me.

    And one more note: It’s too bad that the Orange County Chamber of Commerce does not have an award program like the Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce does: They honor people like Randy who truly have provided outstanding, customer service. Just know that if Pouch were in Las Vegas, I would nominate Randy for a Customer Service Excellence award. He’s that good.

    Most Sincerely,

    Ms. Matteson Barcklay ( a.k.a Miss 632)

  • Is Self-Storage Right for Your Needs?

    Renting a storage unit is an affordable, secure way to store items on a temporary or permanent basis. Many self-storage facilities offer climate-controlled storage units, making them a safer bet than a garage or outdoor shed for storing delicate or temperature sensitive items. If you’ve been thinking about self-storage in Orange, Los Angeles, or San Bernardino County, take a look at the following scenarios to determine if self-storage is right for your needs


    For extra furniture, boxes of holiday decorations, boxes in general, or even vehicles, like boats and RVs, that are not being used and clutter. Storing these items in a self-storage unit can help free up space in and around your home or office. Self-storage units are also great temporary solutions for people who are moving. They’re also perfect for students, who might not be able to fit their belongings in a dorm or shared apartment.

    POUCH Self Storage , offers a number of convenient self-storage options to the Orange, Los Angeles, or San Bernardino Counties. We have multiple locations with secure, storage units. We can even offer you a free truck move utilizing our “We Move You Free” program. Call us today at (800) 378-4598 or look us up on the web at for more information.

  • Tips for Storing Your Wooden Furniture

    To avoid damaging your furniture from improper storage, carefully prepare each piece before putting it into storage. Read on for a few tips for safely storing wooden furniture.

    Know the Threats to Your Wooden Furniture
    The primary threats to wooden furniture in a storage facility are moisture and humidity. These can both cause mold and mildew, making a climate-controlled storage facility a great option. Avoid over-packing as trying to cram too many items potentially cause your furniture to crack, chip, or break. If you plan on storing your wooden furniture for a long period of time, you may want to invest in a climate-controlled storage unit .

    Arrange the Furniture Carefully
    If you can, disassemble your furniture prior to storing it, making it much easier to arrange. Store your furniture upright, and slightly elevated off of the floor to increase ventilation and decrease the risk of mold growth. Avoid storing furniture directly up against the walls of the storage unit. Concrete walls can store and transfer moisture to your furniture. Use canvas or linen covers to help protect your items while keeping them ventilated.

    Use a Little Extra Effort
    Treating your wooden furniture with linseed oil or furniture polish will help your furniture stay moisturized and help prevent mold growth. If the state in which you live has termites, do not store the furniture on used wooden pallets.

    Are you looking for a climate-controlled storage unit in Long Beach? POUCH Self Storage , provides affordable, climate-controlled storage units, along with a variety of other sizes, yes this includes jumbo-sized storage units. Contact a POUCH Self Storage Specialist at (800) 378-4598, visit one of our eight convenient Orange, Los Angeles, or San Bernardino County storage facilities, or visit us on the web.

  • Prepare for Moving Day with this App

    Are you planning on moving items into a self-storage facility in Orange, Los Angeles, or San Bernardino County? Finding the right packing supplies can be a hassle. Some storage facilities offer a wide variety of packing supplies and boxes for moving. Some may even offer a free truck move to make your move easier.

    To make this process even simpler, check out the Moving Day app for iPhones and iPads. This app can help you prepare to move your belongings into a storage unit. You can inventory your items, and easily keep track of what items are in which box by utilizing bar codes and photographs.

    If you’re looking at self-storage facilities in the Orange, Los Angeles, or San Bernardino Counties, visit us at any POUCH Self Storage location. We provide a “We Move You Free” service in which we pick up your items from your home or office and move them to POUCH Self Storage facility, free of charge. Call and speak to a Self Storage Specialist at (800) 378-4598 or visit us on the web for more details.

  • Preparing Your RV for Storage

    Many RV owners only use their RVs for a few weeks every year. Once the travel season is over, you may be ready to store your RV at a vehicle storage facility. There may be a number of steps to take to prepare your RV for storage, depending on the season and your state’s climate. If you’re preparing for RV storage in Orange County , Los Angeles County, or San Bernardino County, continue reading for helpful tips.

    Find a High-Quality RV Cover
    RV covers are available in many different sizes, and you will want to find one that fits your RV very snugly. Find one that is made of a breathable material that will allows the air to circulate around your RV. This will help prevent mold and mildew growth. A good RV cover is particularly necessary if your RV storage facility is outdoors. It will help protect your RV from dust and rocks that can scratch and damage the RV.

    Clean and Repair Your RV Prior to Storing
    Do a thorough inspection of your RV, look for cracks, holes, and tears. Seal cracks and holes to prevent water from entering the RV. Don’t forget to repair all fabric tears as well. Clean the inside of your RV completely, removing food from the cabinets and vacuuming the carpeting and upholstery. Any crumbs left behind can attract rodents, which can infest the RV and cause quite a bit of damage. Clean the outside of the RV, and grease the tires to keep the rubber from cracking while the RV is being stored.

    Shut Down All RV Appliances
    Clean out your refrigerator and defrost the freezer. Leave the refrigerator doors open, and put a box of baking soda inside to prevent odors. Unplug all appliances and turn off the RV’s main circuit breaker. Clean the RV’s air conditioning filters, and empty and wash holding tanks.

    POUCH Self Storage provides self-storage in Orange, Los Angeles and San Bernadino Counties , for RVs, vehicles, and more. Choose one of our three convenient RV centers, which offer covered and/or enclosed storage. Contact us at (800) 378-4598 or visit us on the web at for more information.

  • POUCH Happening – Parking Space

    Don’t underestimate the parking lot for loading and unloading your goods at Tustin Self Storage. This 65ft trailer can easily park without a problem. Customer were very grateful for that.