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Preparing Your RV for Storage

Many RV owners only use their RVs for a few weeks every year. Once the travel season is over, you may be ready to store your RV at a vehicle storage facility. There may be a number of steps to take to prepare your RV for storage, depending on the season and your state’s climate. If you’re preparing for RV storage in Orange County , Los Angeles County, or San Bernardino County, continue reading for helpful tips.

Find a High-Quality RV Cover
RV covers are available in many different sizes, and you will want to find one that fits your RV very snugly. Find one that is made of a breathable material that will allows the air to circulate around your RV. This will help prevent mold and mildew growth. A good RV cover is particularly necessary if your RV storage facility is outdoors. It will help protect your RV from dust and rocks that can scratch and damage the RV.

Clean and Repair Your RV Prior to Storing
Do a thorough inspection of your RV, look for cracks, holes, and tears. Seal cracks and holes to prevent water from entering the RV. Don’t forget to repair all fabric tears as well. Clean the inside of your RV completely, removing food from the cabinets and vacuuming the carpeting and upholstery. Any crumbs left behind can attract rodents, which can infest the RV and cause quite a bit of damage. Clean the outside of the RV, and grease the tires to keep the rubber from cracking while the RV is being stored.

Shut Down All RV Appliances
Clean out your refrigerator and defrost the freezer. Leave the refrigerator doors open, and put a box of baking soda inside to prevent odors. Unplug all appliances and turn off the RV’s main circuit breaker. Clean the RV’s air conditioning filters, and empty and wash holding tanks.

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