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  • Avoid Moving Fraud with These Tips

    moving cardboard box hand truck

    It is important to get help when moving into a new home. If you try to handle moving responsibilities on your own, you may end up feeling overwhelmed! Luckily, Pouch Self Storage can help your family experience “As Easy As It Should Be”. POUCH Self Storage recommends reading this guide to avoid moving fraud.

    Look to Friends for Suggestions

    Ask your friends and family members for suggestions when looking for movers to help you transition into your new home. Talk to loved ones who have moved recently to find out about their experience with different companies. Make a list of names that receive the highest compliments and suggestions. This will help you narrow down your options.  If you are moving locally, consider POUCH who offers a Free Truck move (call for details at (888) 258-9626).

    Choose Registered Companies

    It is important to find trustworthy and reliable companies in order to avoid moving fraud . When researching the names on your list, look for companies that are registered with local moving groups or associations This shows a company’s professionalism, and can help you feel confident in your choice.

    Ask for Written Estimates

    Professional companies should be willing to provide written estimates for their services. This allows you to figure out which prices work best for you and create a moving budget. Ask each potential company for written estimates for your desired services. Companies that do not provide estimates may not be the most trustworthy options.

    Be Around When Possible

    The best way to avoid moving fraud is to be alert and observant. You can make sure everything goes according to plan by introducing yourself to each team member and keeping an eye on your belongings as they are being transported.

    You can always feel confident when working with Pouch Self Storage . Our Orange, Los Angeles and San Bernardino County self-storage services, make it “As Easy As It Should Be” to move a home or business without feeling stressed, overwhelmed, or overworked. Give us a call at (888) 258-9626 for more information!

  • SSA Award

    Watch the video below to see John Yelland, founder of Yelland Properties (Pouch Self Storage) inducted into the 2012 SSA Hall of Fame.

  • Pouch Happening – Harley Davidson

    A tenant pulled in to our parking lot. His motorcycle was so loud that some tenants went outside to check it out. He was riding a Harley Davidson and was dressed up for the riders’ event that was going on later that day. While paying his rent, he saw that people were gathering around his motorcycle. I asked him if he was going to make sure that they didn’t touch or mess with it. He laughed and said it was fine. He was watching it on our monitor. With our new cameras installed, he said he could clearly see what was going on outside. Then he added “it’s on video too…so no worries”. We’re glad the cameras throughout our facility provide our tenants peace of mind when parking in our facility.


  • Pouch Happening – Planet Aid Bin


    One morning a tenant came in to our office and said she was moving out.  Before leaving, she asked if we knew of a place where she could donate her old clothes and shoes. We pointed out the Planet Aid bin that we have available on site. She mentioned that she had been here a few times now, but hadn’t realized this was a donation bin. A few trips later to the bin, she came back in to the office and said she was glad that she was able to donate her stuff without driving to another place.

    Later that afternoon, she came back stressed out.  She mentioned that she had mistakenly dumped some personal items that belonged to her friend into the Planet Aid bin, and wanted to know if there was any way we could open the bin so she could get her friend’s items. We let her know that, unfortunately, we didn’t have access to the bin, but would do our best to help her. We called Planet Aid and asked if they could make a special trip for one of our tenants to open the bin and get some of her items back, and Planet Aid said they could do it. While the tenant was listening, we scheduled a date and time most convenient for her when the Planet Aid truck would come by to open the bin and retrieve her things. She was so relieved and thankful that we helped her in this situation, and she ended up renting a smaller unit instead of moving out.

  • Sometimes the Summer Heat Works in Our Favor

    8-7-2013 happening

    It was another hot summer afternoon here in Anaheim. One lady parked in our lot, and then wrapped her head with a towel because of the heat. She then went to our bay area, took one of the carts and started loading her stuff. After loading the cart, she went in to the office and presented her rental agreement. It was from our competitor. She said someone had rented it for her and all she had to do was show the agreement at the office. However, with the heat and her stuff already on the cart, she had no time to unload and decided to rent with us. Sometimes the heat works in our favor! After storing her stuff, she went to our competitor and canceled her agreement.

  • The Cost of Clutter [INFOGRAPHIC]

    Are you drowning in a sea of clutter ? Clutter is easy to accumulate and hard to eliminate, and having too much of it can be costly in many ways. From the wasted money spent on unlivable home square footage to the lost hours of productivity at work, clutter comes with financial, physical, and emotional costs. An Orange County self-storage company put together this infographic that explains the cost of clutter and how you can reclaim your home and office. Clutter can happen to anyone, so please pass this valuable information along to everyone in your network.