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  • How to Clear Up Space During a Move

    Moving to new office

    Are you getting ready to move into a new home? Now is the perfect time to sort through all of your belongings and decide what should come with you to your new space. Your family can save time and money and reduce stress by donating unwanted items before the move instead of bringing them along.

    Encourage your family to start inspecting the items in their rooms as early as possible. They can create separate piles for items they want to keep and items they no longer want. Items in good condition can be donated to secondhand stores, libraries, and other community locations.

    If you have items that you want but do not want at your new house, consider keeping them here at Pouch Self Storage ! See if our Long Beach, Rancho Cucamonga, Pasadena or any of our Orange County self-storage services are right for your upcoming move by visiting us online at or giving us a call today at (888) 258-9626.

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  • How Much Storage Do You Need for Your Household Items?

    Garage Storage

    Take full advantage of your local self-storage facility by using it to store items for which you have no room. If you plan to relocate some of your belongings to a storage unit, though, it is essential to get a space that is the right size.

    Gather all of the belongings that you plan to put into a self-storage unit in one location. You can then take detailed measurements of the height, length, and width surrounding the perimeter of these items. Talk to your self-storage specialist at POUCH Self Storage about your options, or you can go to our website and use our unit size calculator to help you determine what size storage unit you need.

    Pouch Self Storage offers the best storage options in Orange County, Long Beach, Pasadena and Rancho Cucamonga. With a variety of units and self-storage options , we can help you find a space for your items. To learn more, take a look at our website or call us at (888) 258-9626.

  • Moving Cattle in Australia

    The following pictures were taken by a relative of Pouch President, John Yelland, documenting the cattle trains at Helen Springs Station. Only in Australia will you see this!

    Some interesting facts:
    There are 17 trucks with 3 trailers and 2 decks per trailer. This means there are 102 decks of cattle and approximately 28 cattle per deck, which totals to 2,856 head of cattle. The cattle weigh approximately 500 kg each (1,102.3 lbs.). The sale price for cattle at Longreach is approximately 165 cents/kg (75 cents/lb.). Therefore, each animal will be sold for $825. The total revenue from this analysis is $2,356,200.

    pouch - cattle in australia

    For the 72 truck/trailer combos there are 6,192 tires on the road.

    cattle in australia 2

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  • Getting Your Household Items Ready for Professional Movers

    Although movers handle the labor-intensive aspects of relocating, there are plenty of ways you can get your home and belongings ready for their arrival. The more prepared you are when the movers arrive, the easier it will be for them to transport your possessions. Use these tips to get everything ready for moving day :

    Moving box

    Take the Time to Purge

    Transporting items that you never use is a waste of time for you, and for the movers. Instead of dragging along belongings for which you have no use, spend some time throwing away what you do not need. Clearing out the closets and drawers before you start to pack makes it easier for the movers to get you set up in your new home or office.

    Label All of Your Boxes

    If you don’t want to sort through dozens of boxes that are randomly placed into your new home, you should consider labeling them. Once you finish packing a box, clearly label it with the room where it belongs. When a moving company has these labels to work with, they can easily leave the boxes in the rooms where you want them.

    Finish Packing Before Moving Day

    It is important to completely finish packing before the movers arrive at your house. Try to aim to complete the job the day before the movers arrive at the latest. This way, you are free to oversee the logistics of your move and the movers are free to do their job.

    Whether you need last-minute packing supplies or storage for belongings, Pouch Self Storage can help simplify the moving process. Our self-storage facilities are spread around Orange County to give you the convenience you need. To learn more about self-storage options in Pasadena, Rancho Cucamonga and Long Beach, call us at (888) 258-9626.

  • Pouch Happening – Sleeping Beauty

    One of our tenants wanted to use the carts for moving her stuff. While moving into her unit, her daughter found another way to use them. Our carts are there for our tenants’ convenience, but this time, it was for more than just convenience, it was for relaxation! Sweet dreams….

    pouch happening -s leeping beauty

  • Packing for a Stress-Free Move

    A new home marks the start of a new chapter in life! It is important to give this transition the best start possible by planning a stress-free move. You can do this by starting early, finding the right supplies, and getting help from the right sources.

    Watch this video to get tips for planning a stress-free move into your new home. Invest in boxes, tape, bubble wrap, and markers to properly store and move all of your belongings. Pack boxes by room, and use the markers to label each box so it can easily be placed into the right room in your new home.

    Call Pouch Self-Storage at (888) 258-9626 to see how self-storage services can help you during your upcoming move. We can help you enjoy a smooth transition to your new home.