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  • POUCH Happening | Gusher

    Pouch gusher

    ‘A Word To The Wise’ –  Always check to make sure the vehicle is in “PARK” and the emergency break is “ON” before exiting the vehicle. Don’t let this happen to you!

  • Deciding What to Put in Your Storage Unit

    When you rent a storage unit , the possibilities are endless. It can be a home for your holiday decorations or a place to store all of the things that won’t fit in your apartment, home or office and is often items you can’t stand to part with. In fact, the hardest part about having a self-storage unit can be deciding exactly what to put in it. Here are some guidelines to help. 

    Pandora`s box

    Don’t Store What You Won’t Use

    The biggest mistake you can make with a self-storage unit is turning it into a junk room. Don’t use your storage unit as a place to stash things you’re never going to use again. As you start picking out items to put into storage, ask yourself when the last time you used each item was. If you haven’t used it in the last five or six months, and it isn’t a seasonal item or heirloom, it probably doesn’t belong in your storage unit. Instead, save that space for items that have a purpose in your life.

    Do Store Seasonal Items

    Do you love to give your home seasonal updates? If so, you likely have several items that only get used for a specific period of time before they are packed away again. A POUCH Self-Storage unit is the perfect location for all of your seasonal decorations. It gives you the room you need to keep things organized without taking up valuable space in your home. Storage units are also ideal for storing baby items if you think your family will grow again in the future or maybe you want your grandchildren to enjoy them.

    Do Store Sentimental Items

    Sometimes, your current living situation doesn’t mix well with your grandmother’s favorite china. Maybe you have young children or roommates that could jeopardize sentimental items. Instead of giving away important things that don’t mesh with your living situation, store them with POUCH Self Storage, where they will be safe and sound until you’re ready to use them again.

    Are you ready to rent a storage unit? At POUCH Self Storage & RV, your items will always be safe thanks to our computer-monitored security and individual door alarms. Call us at (888) 258-9626 to find an Orange County storage , LA County and San Bernardino County to find a location near you.

  • POUCH Self Storage – Fountain Valley Rap

    Check out this hilarious POUCH Self Storage Rap!!

  • Planet POUCH Self Storage!

    Our storage “space men” are here to provide exemplary customer service that builds trust.

  • Reasons You Should Rent a Storage Unit at POUCH Self Storage

    POUCH Self Storage units are a great solution when you have more belongings than square footage. However, even if your home or office has decent storage capacity, a POUCH self-storage unit can still be a good investment.  Here are some circumstances in which additional storage can really come in handy. 

    storage why u need it

    You’re Going through a Temporary Work Transfer

    What do you do with your belongings when your job temporarily sends you out of town for long extended periods of time requiring that you move out of your current place, but not long enough that you need to move all of your items to a new town? A POUCH Self Storage unit can be the perfect solution. Pack your belongings and have them waiting for you when you return without the inconvenience of stashing boxes at the homes of friends and family. The same goes for military personnel who get deployed. You can face your duties knowing your belongings are safely waiting for you at home.

    You’re Selling Your House

    All of the little, personal touches that make your house feel like your home does you no favors when it comes time to selling your home. It is best to give buyers a blank canvas so they can picture themselves living there. A POUCH Storage unit gives you a place to store some or all of your extraneous items so your home doesn’t appear cluttered.

    You Have Items You Rarely Use

    Do you love to decorate for the holidays? Are you finished using your baby’s crib now that they’re in college? A POUCH Storage unit is a great place to store items that get used for a specific period of time. Save the storage space in your home or office for items that are put to use on a regular basis, and rely on a POUCH Self Storage unit for everything else.

    Whatever your reason for wanting a self-storage unit, POUCH Self Storage & RV has a solution for you. We have convenient locations all around Orange County, Long Beach, Rancho Cucamonga and Pasadena.  Find out more about all of our services by calling (888) 258-9626 or visit us at

  • POUCH Happening | Beautiful Days Ahead

    It was a beautiful day today at Pouch Self Storage – Anaheim! Warm sunshine, clear skies with a cool breeze, made for lovely day to be spent outside. The customers that actually did come by today, did so with some haste. All that came in made a comment about the excellent weather outside. So, after signing in, pressing their code and taking their key, they hurried to their storage space to complete their tasks. Some were getting pool toys for a swimming party. Others were grabbing beach chairs and umbrellas for a drive to the surf and sand. One couple fully loaded a cart with all their picnic essentials and packed the car at record speed. It may be winter time but it was definitely a summer day here at Pouch.

  • POUCH Happening | The Human Type Writer

    We have a tenant that filled out the rental agreement.  To our amazement, his handwriting looks like type written words.   So we asked him where he learned writing like that.  He said he is a writer and during his time, personal computers are not available yet and printers are quite expensive.  So he would consistently practice writing the letters similar to that of a type writer. He spent countless hours perfecting his strokes because he had no money to even get his own type writer.  Eventually, this became second nature to him.  

  • The Importance of Shredding Sensitive Documents

    Did you know that shredding is essential for protecting your identity? Identity thieves can use small amounts of personally identifiable information to gain access to all of your sensitive information, and even your finances. Watch the video to learn more about why document shredding is so important for personal identity protection.

    We don’t seem to realize how much dumpster diving and identity theft are on the rise, it’s important to not only shred sensitive documents, but to shred them well. A good way to help keep you protected is to use a cross-cut shredder, this type of shredded  completely removes all of the information from documents such as credit card statements, bank statements, old checks, paystubs, tax returns, and papers with your Social Security number.

    Why use up storage space or waste time at your own shredder when POUCH Self Storage can take care of it for you with our professional document shredding services. Our trained professionals can pick up your documents, shred them, and dispose of them for you, or if you would rather visit a POUCH Self Storage facility near you, call us at (888) 258-9626 or click on to learn more about how we can protect you or your business from identity theft. 

  • POUCH Happening | The Pool Guy


    One of our long-term customers arrived this morning at 7am sharp. He owns and operates a pool cleaning business in the area and was here picking up some items  needed for his busy day. He is sometimes referred to as the Pool Guy and his supplies fill his storage unit… he is here on most days to pick-up and drop-off his work supplies. Today is going to be busy for him as the clean up from the recent storm begins…

    In the past, he has shared how very thankful he doesn’t have to store all of his equipment in his garage at home.  “ It’s great to have my own space away from home…My wife and kids can do whatever they like in the garage at home and I have my own space here…to organize however I like and have peace of mind it’ll be there when I need it!”

    Sincerely and a G’Daye,

  • POUCH Happening | Rainy Day

    The weather was very uncooperative today. Although, we need the rain in this area, our tenants would have preferred a break in the downpour to load and unload their items into the storage facility. As a rule, we do not allow tenants to block the loading bays with their vehicles. Today’s circumstances warranted some leeway. So, we let our tenants back their cars up to the loading bay doors so they could get some cover. All were relieved to work without being drenched and happy that items would be loaded kept dry.