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Deciding What to Put in Your Storage Unit

When you rent a storage unit , the possibilities are endless. It can be a home for your holiday decorations or a place to store all of the things that won’t fit in your apartment, home or office and is often items you can’t stand to part with. In fact, the hardest part about having a self-storage unit can be deciding exactly what to put in it. Here are some guidelines to help. 

Pandora`s box

Don’t Store What You Won’t Use

The biggest mistake you can make with a self-storage unit is turning it into a junk room. Don’t use your storage unit as a place to stash things you’re never going to use again. As you start picking out items to put into storage, ask yourself when the last time you used each item was. If you haven’t used it in the last five or six months, and it isn’t a seasonal item or heirloom, it probably doesn’t belong in your storage unit. Instead, save that space for items that have a purpose in your life.

Do Store Seasonal Items

Do you love to give your home seasonal updates? If so, you likely have several items that only get used for a specific period of time before they are packed away again. A POUCH Self-Storage unit is the perfect location for all of your seasonal decorations. It gives you the room you need to keep things organized without taking up valuable space in your home. Storage units are also ideal for storing baby items if you think your family will grow again in the future or maybe you want your grandchildren to enjoy them.

Do Store Sentimental Items

Sometimes, your current living situation doesn’t mix well with your grandmother’s favorite china. Maybe you have young children or roommates that could jeopardize sentimental items. Instead of giving away important things that don’t mesh with your living situation, store them with POUCH Self Storage, where they will be safe and sound until you’re ready to use them again.

Are you ready to rent a storage unit? At POUCH Self Storage & RV, your items will always be safe thanks to our computer-monitored security and individual door alarms. Call us at (888) 258-9626 to find an Orange County storage , LA County and San Bernardino County to find a location near you.