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  • Why You Should Choose Our On-Site Shredding Services

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    Identity theft is a quickly growing crime that can affect anyone. Not all identity thieves operate remotely; it’s easier than you might think for criminals to gain access to confidential documents that contain sensitive information. If you live in New Jersey or Southern California, choose POUCH Self Storage for easy and safe on-site document shredding.

    Our secure shred system can handle reams upon reams of documents—50 pounds in less than one minute, in fact. There’s no longer a need to tediously feed two or three pages at a time into your own shredder. Simply place all of your obsolete documents in the locked Pouch Shred Bin. It’s stored in a locked storage unit on-site and then rapidly shredded in a Mobile Shred Truck by your NAID certified shred vendor. A monitor allows personnel to observe the shredding process to ensure the complete security of your sensitive information.

    Secure on-site document shredding is only part of what we do here at POUCH Self Storage. Visit us at to find a location nearest you.

  • What Law Firms Need to Know About Document Shredding

    Self-Storage Anaheim

    While many industries have quickly embraced the idea of a paperless office, the legal field has yet to catch up. Some law firms are indeed switching to electronic records for certain types of documents, but there are inherent cybersecurity concerns. And at times there is uncertainty about about how long clients’ files must be maintained, they often end up with a veritable mountain of paper. If you’re facing a record management crisis, there are a few things you need to know about on-site document shredding services.

    Which Documents to Save
    Unfortunately, figuring out which documents you must retain is made far more complicated by the lack of uniformity among state requirements. Even within state guidelines, document shredding rules can differ among different practice areas. In California, for example, criminal files must be retained until the client dies, whereas documents pertaining to entrusted client funds and property must be preserved for five years after the date that the funds or property were disbursed to the client. Some documents, including those with pecuniary value, must be saved indefinitely unless you obtain the permission of the client to shred them.

    Which Documents to Shred
    As space becomes cramped, deciding which documents to shred becomes increasingly important. Diligent lawyers can contact the state bar association for detailed guidelines. In general, it is presumed safe to shred documents that pertain to civil cases and do not carry intrinsic value if five years have passed from the date that the file was closed. To shred a document sooner than this, it’s wise to obtain written permission from the client. Of course, exceptions do exist. If you’re unsure about a specific document, you can always connect with the state bar ethics hotline.

    POUCH Self Storage offers convenient and secure on-site document shredding for your peace of mind. For those files that you cannot yet shred, we also provide secure self-storage units in Orange, Los Angeles, and San Bernardino Counties. Look up a location nearest you at , give us a call if you have any questions and be sure to check out our professional packing supplies.

  • Protecting Your RV During Storage

    Your RV is a significant investment in your lifestyle. Keep it safe during the off-season with professional RV storage. Before bringing it to the RV storage lot, you’ll need to mouse-proof it. Watch this video from an experienced RV owner to learn how to keep rodents at bay.

    He explains that he’s never had a problem with mice since he began using a botanical blend of concentrated peppermint and spearmint oil. Add a generous helping of this blend to several glass cups and place a cotton ball in each. Place a glass in the front, rear, kitchen, and bathroom of your RV. This RV owner also explains how he mouse-proofs the power outlet compartment using nothing more than a funnel and some electrical tape.

    If you’re looking for safe RV storage in Orange County, Los Angeles County, and San Bernardino County, look no further than POUCH Self Storage for outdoor and covered storage options . Give us a call today at (800) 378-4598 to inquire about our vehicle storage options.

  • Where to Put Your Christmas Decorations the Other 11 Months

    If you have a love for Christmas decorations, you’re not alone—Americans spend billions on them each season. The problem comes when the holidays are over and you need somewhere to store all of your favorite Christmas décor. That is where POUCH Self Storage comes into the picture. Our storage units are the perfect places to keep your decorations safe from damage and out of your way for the 11 months they’re on hiatus each year. Our self-storage facilities are available in a variety of sizes, and with our free moving truck, getting your items to and from your storage unit is always convenient. Check out this infographic for more tips on storing your Christmas decorations, and contact us to find out more about self-storage in Orange County. Chances are you have family and friends who are facing the same Christmas decoration conundrum, so please share this information.

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