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POUCH Happening | The Pool Guy


One of our long-term customers arrived this morning at 7am sharp. He owns and operates a pool cleaning business in the area and was here picking up some items  needed for his busy day. He is sometimes referred to as the Pool Guy and his supplies fill his storage unit… he is here on most days to pick-up and drop-off his work supplies. Today is going to be busy for him as the clean up from the recent storm begins…

In the past, he has shared how very thankful he doesn’t have to store all of his equipment in his garage at home.  “ It’s great to have my own space away from home…My wife and kids can do whatever they like in the garage at home and I have my own space here…to organize however I like and have peace of mind it’ll be there when I need it!”

Sincerely and a G’Daye,