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POUCH Happening – Psychic

Palm Reading at Pouch We had a tenant who was moving out. While her movers were busy loading her belongings to her truck, she went in the office to cool off from the afternoon heat. We offered her a glass of cold water and told her to sit down. She then started a conversion with us about how long she rented her storage unit. She said when she moved in, she was very confident that she would only stay here for a few months. But because of our security and great customer service she stayed longer that she envisioned. Her word “envisioned” caught our attention so we asked her what she meant by this. She said all her life she has seen her future and had foreknowledge where she would be and planned what to do. But staying in her storage, she had no clue of how long she had to stay or if she has to move somewhere else. She mentioned she always had a positive “aura” when she comes here. Still not certain of what she’s leading up to, we asked her what she does for a living? She said she’s a psychic and palm reader. We told her we’re happy that she finally found a place and felt safe while she was storing with us. Then we asked her if she’s renting with us in the future? Again she answered; she has no clear picture but knows where to go when she needs one.