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What Is Planet Aid?


If you have any unwanted clothing, shoes or other textiles, consider making a donation to Planet Aid during your next visit to any Pouch Self Storage location. Planet Aid is an organization that recycles unwanted clothing textiles and donates to impoverished communities around the world. Not only does Planet Aid prevent your unwanted items from filling a landfill, they also provide valuable support for great worldwide projects that create sustainable development and opportunities in developing areas. From their humble beginnings as a few donation sites in and around Boston, Planet Aid has expanded to donate and recycle millions of pounds of unwanted clothing each year. Simply look for the large Planet Aid bin to make your Planet Aid donation.

Pouch Self Storage is proud to support Planet Aid , and encourage you to bring your used clothing, shoes and textiles to donate at our convenient donation boxes. To learn more about Planet Aid or POUCH Self Storage in Orange, Los Angeles and San Bernardino Counties, call Pouch Self Storage at (888) 258-9626.