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Creating a Timeline for Your Next Move

A move is an exciting endeavor! However, the process of getting where you are going can sometimes be a challenge in and of itself. How will you transport your belongings ? Where will you store your extra items? A little preparation can go a long way toward ensuring your moving adventure gets off on the right foot.

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Organize Your Belongings : Preparing for your move shouldn’t begin the night before you head to your new place. Ideally, you will begin to organize your belongings two to three months prior to the big move. Begin by inventorying the contents of your closets, drawers, and cupboards. Determine what can be donated and what will be traveling with you. This is an opportune time to purge any unwanted items. Consider what items you will have immediate space for and which items you will need to make self-storage arrangements for. Start packing those belongings that will be making the move.

Get Your Paperwork In Order : In addition to organizing your things, you will also need to organize your information. Approximately six weeks before your move, get copies of your medical records or make arrangements to have them transferred to a doctor in your new community. If you have children, notify their current school and get copies of their academic records. Request enrollment information from their new school as well. Take this opportunity to organize your file cabinets and personal records.

Contact a Professional : Once you have determined what your specific moving and self-storage needs are, contact a moving professional. While your initial contact should take place six to eight weeks before your move, you will want to follow-up the week prior to your moving date. Make sure the moving company knows how to get to your new location, confirm the date of your move, and pass along your moving itinerary and contact information.

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