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How to Save Space in a Storage Unit

Whether you’re moving or reorganizing, a storage unit can be a very useful tool for keeping your belongings safe while you regroup. If you don’t organize it correctly, though, you can find that your storage unit fills up quickly. Unless you’re ready to upsize your unit, you’ll need some helpful tips for saving space in your storage unit.

  • Be smart about renting the unit. Don’t just guess as to the size you need. Rather, have a clear idea of what you’re going to put into your storage unit before you decide on the size of the unit. Make a list of everything you need to store and you’ll not only know how much storage you’ll need but you’ll also have an inventory list to help you keep track of what you’re storing.
  • Pack your things correctly before you put them in storage. Clean everything before you store it, washing clothes, wiping down furniture, and cleaning out appliances. Line the bottom of the storage unit with cardboard or wooden pallets. Choose the right containers for everything you’re packing, and know how to properly pack things.
    • Pack clothing, neatly folded, in plastic containers with clip-on lids.
    • Cover furniture and mattresses.
    • Don’t wrap things in plastic, unless it’s bubble wrap, or put tape directly on furniture.
    • Remove glass and fragile pieces from appliances or shelves before packing.
    • Choose climate controlled storage for appliances.
    • Pack electronics in original packaging when possible and take photos of wires before disconnecting them.
  • Make stacks. Don’t discount the power of vertical storage! Starting at the bottom, put heavier items on the bottom of the storage unit and stack lighter items on top to get the most out of your unit.
  • Disassemble furniture. Take bulky furniture pieces apart to maximize your space. With things that can’t be disassembled, like dressers, store smaller things inside the larger furniture.
  • Use shelves to your advantage. Install shelves in your storage unit, either temporarily hanging them from the wall or using large freestanding metal or plastic shelves. Shelves make a good place to store things that are too large or oddly-shaped to fit into a box.
  • Leave no space unfilled. Don’t leave any hollow spaces in your storage unit. Look for ways to fit things inside all of the empty spaces so that you can make the most of your space. One exception to the no empty space rule? Leave an aisle just large enough to walk through so that you can more easily access your things.

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