• Inventory Stock-Up Tips for Etsy Sellers

    If you’re an Etsy seller, then inventory is the key to growing your business. When you have adequate inventory, you can deliver on fast shipping times, which will increase customer satisfaction and positive reviews. With a storage unit, it’s easy to keep the inventory you need without cluttering up your home.

    Watch this video for advice on stocking up on your Etsy inventory. Once you have the right amount of product for your business, use a storage unit to keep your inventory organized and out of the way at home.

    POUCH Self Storage makes it easy to get the storage you need, with a variety of sizes of self-storage units near San Juan, from small, personal storage spaces to jumbo storage units. You can find out more about our storage options by calling (800) 378-4598.

  • Storage Essentials for Camping Enthusiasts

    Camping is a great way to shrug off the demands of modern life and get back to nature, but it’s an equipment-heavy hobby. When you’re not in the great outdoors, what do you do with all of your gear? If you’re tired of camping equipment taking up space in your spare room or garage, a storage unit could be the perfect solution. Here is what you need to know about using a self-storage unit for your camping essentials.

    Add Shelves

    To keep your camping gear organized in storage, add metal shelving units to the space. It’s always a good idea to keep any items in storage off the ground by at least using wooden pallets, but storage shelves are an even better idea for camping gear, since they provide easy access to everything you need, so you can grab the right equipment for whatever kind of trip you have planned easily.

    Use Clear Storage Containers

    Many of the things you need for camping are small, such as utensils and tools, so you will need to put multiple items in one container in order to maximize your space and keep things organized. For this purpose, use clear storage containers, so that you can easily see the contents. Keep similar items together and put labels on the outside of the containers so you know exactly what is inside and can reach for it quickly when you need it.

    Store Sleeping Bags without Rolling

    Rolling up your sleeping bags and putting them in the storage sacks they come with is not ideal for a storage unit. Not only will the storage sack and tight roll prevent air from circulating around the fabric, but it will also cause the sleeping bag’s insulation to break down. Instead, store your sleeping bags by loosely folding them and putting them inside a large cotton or canvas storage bag. Put the bag off the ground on shelves, to reduce the risk of water damage.

    POUCH Self Storage has storage units in a range of sizes so you can find the right home for your camping gear and all of the other items that are taking up too much space at home. We’re happy to answer all of your questions about self-storage units in San Juan . Call us today at (800) 378-4598.

  • Taking Your Boat Out of Storage

    When the temperatures get warmer and it’s time to take your boat out of storage for the season, what should you do to make sure you’re ready to hit the water? Hopefully, when you placed your boat in storage , you prepared it for its downtime, so there should be only general maintenance standing between you and a day on the water. Follow these steps to get ready for getting the most enjoyment possible out of your boat.

    Clean Your Boat Thoroughly

    Your boat was likely clean when you put it into storage, but you will still need to clean it when you get it out, to remove any dirt and debris that have built up. As you clean, inspect the parts of your boat and make any minor repairs that may be necessary. Ensuring that the boat is clean and minor issues are fixed before you get out on the water will help you avoid bigger issues in the future. Check the winches, pumps, tie-down cleats, and other parts of the boat. Consider having your motor professionally inspected before you start boating for the season.

    Restock Your Safety Equipment

    The worst time to find out that you don’t have the safety equipment that you need is when you’re on the water. Now is the time to check things like life vests and safety rafts and replace them as needed. Check your flares for signs of water damage and other issues, and replace them if you think they could have been compromised. Make sure that your fire extinguisher has not expired or isn’t set to expire during the season. If it is, replace it.

    Look for Fuel System Damage

    Carefully look for any signs of damage to your fuel system, including worn hoses or corrosion around connection points or on the battery. Make sure there isn’t evidence of leaks. If you see any fuel system damage, get repairs done before you take your boat out to cut the risk of a fire or getting stranded.

    You can count on your boat being safe in the off-season when you choose POUCH Self Storage for your storage needs . Find out about all of our storage units in Lake Forest by contacting us at (800) 378-4598.

  • Got Collectables? Here’s How to Store Them

    If you love collecting, then chances are that storage an issue in your household. A self-storage unit can be the perfect place to keep your collection, as long as you prepare things appropriately for storing. Keep your collection in top condition and save space at home with this advice for safe storage for some popular types of collectables.

    Antique Furniture

    Antique furniture can be a valuable thing to collect, but only if you store it properly. Start by using a protective cover on the furniture, which will help to prevent damage. Avoid using plastic covers, which will trap moisture and make wood and other materials swell. Be sure that you don’t wrap the furniture so tightly that air can’t circulate, which can also lead to problems with moisture control. Store furniture on pallets or cinderblocks instead of directly on the ground.

    Trading Cards

    Trading cards are easy to store as long as you protect them properly. Because cards are made of paper, moisture is the biggest issue you need to prevent. Top loader display sheets and magnetic display sheets are good for storage, since they protect your cards while allowing you to look at them. Store the sheets inside binders, and put the binders on shelves in the storage unit, rather than on the floor. Avoid stacking the cards loose in boxes, as the cardboard won’t provide adequate protect from dust, moisture, and debris.


    Doll collections can easily take up too much space in your home. To keep them safe in storage, avoid plastic coverings and instead wrap the dolls in acid-free tissue paper and place them in doll storage boxes. Keeping the boxes off the ground on pallets or shelves will help to protect them from dust and debris.

    Don’t give up your collecting hobby. Instead, use a self-storage unit in San Juan at POUCH Self Storage to keep your items protected and out of your home. For more information about renting a storage unit, call us at (800) 378-4598.

  • How Long Should You Keep Tax Records?

    Self Storage Tustin

    Once you file your taxes, you may feel like getting rid of all of your records, but in reality, it’s important to hang on to them for a minimum of 7 years. If you ever face an audit for your personal taxes or your business, being able to pull your old tax records out of your storage unit could be critical in your case.

    In most cases, you should keep your tax records for at least three years from the date on which they were due. If you file for a special circumstance, such as a bad debt deduction, you should keep your records at least seven years. If you have the space in your personal storage or business storage facility, keeping your taxes indefinitely is ideal.

    POUCH Self Storage offers storage units in a variety of sizes, as well as records management services and on-site document shredding. Get more information about storage units in Tustin for your personal or business use by calling (800) 378-4598.

  • Answers to Your Questions About Our Records Management Services

    Records Management San Juan

    Records management is an enormous challenge for many businesses, in terms of storage space, access, and security. At POUCH, we take the hassle out of this process with our records management service. If you’re considering using our records management services for your business, here are the answers to some questions that may be on your mind.

    Does POUCH offer any confidentially guarantees?

    Your records are not only important for the way you do business. They are also sensitive and confidential. Our records management service is HIPAA, FACTA, and SOX compliant, so you can rely on our ability to ensure that your sensitive information and that of your customers is always protected.

    How do I know when it is time to destroy my records?

    Records retention and destruction is central to management. You can set your own parameters for destruction criteria. We also offer HIPAA, FACTA, and SOX compliant recycling and document shredding services on site as well as free shred and recycle consoles at your office to make managing your records easier than ever.

    Will it be hard to access my records when I need them?

    Your files will never be further away than your fingertips, with 24-hour online access with a dedicated security code. A full audit trail makes it easy to manage how the files are being used and accessed. We also offer delivery and pick-up service at your request, so you can always obtain hard copies of your records when you need them quickly and efficiently.

    Solve the complications of record management for your business with the help of POUCH. For more information about storage units, records management, and on-site document shredding in San Juan , call us at (800) 378-4598.

  • How Spreading the Word About Our Good Service Pays

    At POUCH Self Storage, we aim to make it as easy as possible for people to reduce clutter in their homes and move in comfort. The way we do this is by offering storage units and FREE moving trucks, and we even give our customers rewards for helping us build our clientele base. Here’s how spreading the word about our good service pays.

    We’re always looking to help more people, and we’re happy to reward those who spread the word about our services. If you tell your friends about us and they decide to become a customer, everybody wins. If you’re a current customer, your bonus will be half of the referrals first month paid, up to a maximum of $300.

    If you like our storage units in San Juan and you tell your friends about POUCH Self Storage, you can end up reaping the benefits. Our website takes a closer look at our vehicle storage and FREE moving trucks program, and you can call us at (800) 378-4598 for more information.

  • Simplify Your Moving Day with This Advice

    Moving day can always get hectic, so anything you can do to make it easier will make for a less stressful experience. Once you have secured the moving truck you need, the hacks in the video will make loading it up a lot easier.

    Are you struggling to lug stacks of boxes around? Try using your box cutter to cut handles into the sides. Avoid having to fold all of your clothing by using putting a garbage bag around groups of items hung on hangers.

    Let POUCH Self Storage be part of a smoother moving day, with our packing supplies, free moving trucks and convenient storage units in Lake Forest. For more information, contact us today at (800) 378-4598 for more information.

  • Taking the Stress Out of Your Move with Your Dog

    Moving by yourself can be a hassle if you use the wrong packing supplies or don’t order a moving truck, but moving with pets can add another element to be aware of. Watch this video for tips on taking the stress out of your move with your dog.

    Your dog might love going for rides in the car, but if you’re traveling a long distance, you should put him in a crate to keep him comfortable. Bring a travel kit along for your canine companion that includes a collar and leash, chew toys, and doggy bags in addition to water, food, and bowls for each.

    POUCH Self Storage can make moving easier with the help of our packing supplies and storage units in Tustin. Look at our website for more on our services, or call us at (800) 378-4598 if you have any questions.

  • How to Hit the Right Note When Storing Your Musical Instruments

    High-quality musical instruments are quite expensive and may be extremely valuable to you personally, so you’ll want to take care of them to the best of your ability. To do this, you’ll need a safe storage unit with climate control , and you’ll need to prepare your instruments for storage. Keep reading to learn how.

    Safe Storage Space

    No matter how expensive your guitar, trombone, or drum set is, its value to you probably exceeds the price tag. That’s why you need to find a safe space to store your instruments. Look for a storage unit that can keep your musical instruments safe so they’re in the same condition when you come back to pick them up. The storage facility doesn’t necessarily need to have a security guard on premise, but customers and employees should be the only ones who can access the property.

    Climate Control

    If you’ve ever left your guitar in the car overnight and found it out of tune when you play it the next day, the temperature could have played a role in its detuning. Cold temperatures can warp your instruments and change the way they play and sound, which is why climate-controlled storage is so important. Once your instruments are affected by the temperature, you’ll have to pay to get them set up again so they play and sound properly. Avoid this extra expense by storing yours in a climate-controlled storage facility.

    Proper Packing

    Keep your instruments safe when you put them into storage by packing them properly. Never leave your instruments loose in the storage space, and use a hard case rather than a soft case for string instruments like guitars and basses.

    The way your musical instruments play has everything to do with how you store them, so work with POUCH Self Storage to keep them in top condition. Our storage units in Long Beach are protected and climate-controlled, and we can even help out with packing supplies. Call (800) 378-4598 if you’d like to reach us.