Pouch Self Storage & RV Centers has been operating mini storage facilities since 1979. We provide a clean and secure environment for the storage of your personal and business needs.

POUCH Happening - Easy As It Should Be

Busy day! Last Sunday, we realized that our parking lot was not quite big enough. The day started typically but the afternoon became a little more hectic. Our facility front was one big traffic jam. We had three big trucks from new tenants unloading into their units. Two of the big trucks had to park side by side.

Every single parking spot was occupied. Tenants were coming and going. All the carts were being used and the lifts were going non-stop. Yet, in spite of all the hectic activity, all the tenants accomplished their tasks without difficulties. Everyone shared the carts, took turns using the lifts and stayed out of everyone else’s way. Another fine example that Pouch, “makes it easy as it should be.”

Choosing a Storage Unit Size

When you are choosing a storage unit, it may be hard to predict how much space you will need. Watch this video for a simple demonstration of what size self-storage unit might be right for you.

To best determine what size storage unit you might need, you should begin by figuring out how much stuff you will be storing. If you have only a small amount of items to be stored, like enough to fill a closet, a smaller unit will be enough to meet your needs. If you need to store the contents of your entire home or office however, you’ll need a much larger unit.

POUCH Self Storage offers a wide range of Self Storage and RV parking stalls to choose from, in Orange, Los Angeles, and San Bernardino, Counties. To learn more about what size unit is right for you, call us at (800) 378-4598, or visit our website at www.pouchselfstorage.com.

POUCH Happening - Free means free

A tenant came in and rented a unit today. They loved the facility and were impressed by all the security features. It was an easy decision for him to store with us. He was even more fortunate to learn that the afternoon truck move rescheduled. I ...

Essential Tips for On-Site Document Shredding

Every business, small or large, will accumulate a large amount of documents over the years. Many of these documents may likely contain sensitive information such as financial figures, client data, or personal employee information. To protect your ...

POUCH Happening - 'You know you're old when . . .'

True story: A new customer, we won’t say how old she is, was trying to figure out how she was going to get to the facility for her truck move, since she doesn’t have a car. Clarence told her, “Well, you can’t ride in the truck ...
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