Pouch Self Storage & RV Centers has been operating mini storage facilities since 1979. We provide a clean and secure environment for the storage of your personal and business needs.

POUCH Happening | Grace Period

When I checked our messages after Thanksgiving Day, there were multiple messages from one tenant. So I immediately called him back and told him that we were closed for the Thanksgivings Day Holiday and asked what I can do for him. He said he knew were closed but was so worried that he was late on his payment and would like us to call him the next day. I told him that we have a 10-day grace period so his late fee yet did not hit yet. When he heard this, he was so happy and said he had an extended Thanksgiving Day. He was just thankful that we offer all our tenants this kind of courtesy.

POUCH Happening | Move You Free

It was his lucky day! Our Free Move-In Service is very popular. We usually get reservations for our truck many days or even weeks in advance, and the times fill quickly. Today, there just happened to be an available time slot. He was overjoyed! We completed his contract and off we went to get his belongings. We returned and he unloaded everything into his unit and came in the office to drop off his key. He sasked with some amazement, "What are the odds that your Free Truck was available right at the very same time I needed it?" I smiled and replied, " Apparently, very good!"

POUCH Happening | Rain Prediction

A tenant came in and said he’s 100% sure it won’t rain even if the weather that was forecasted said there’s a 20% chance it will rain. I asked him why he is very sure it won’t rain. He said look outside. The rainbow and it ...

POUCH Happening | Business Storage

Self storage is not only good for people who are in the process of moving but a lot of new and upcoming business owners also need storage space. For example a potential customer came in looking for storage for his new and upcoming ice cream business. ...

Between Two Harbors - A Documentary

“Between Two Harbors” is a beautiful documentary about the healing powers of the ocean with regards to cancer recovery. POUCH Self storage is a passionate supporter of “Between Two Harbors” and we would love your help in ...
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