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    POUCH Happening | "We Move You Free"

    Last updated 6 hours 41 minutes ago

    Box truck advertising is working!  A lady comes in & asks “can I rent your truck to move from 1 house to another?” After Linda explained the advantages of renting a storage space as a ‘staging area’, the lady said ‘o.k., I’ll think about it’. – An hour later she came back to rent & used our ‘We Move You Free’ service.  Our new happy customer said “Thank you for having the truck there, because I never would have thought of it on my own- I would have just drove by!!”

    POUCH Happening | ADA Compliant Doors

    Last updated 1 day 4 hours ago

    Pouch Self Storage – Anaheim, recently replaced some of our roll up doors with those that are ADA compliant. These doors are easier for handicapped persons to operate. Some of the spaces chosen already had tenants who were not handicapped. They were picked because of entry way proximity.

    One of our lucky tenants had returned after 7 months to start pulling out her holiday decorations and noticed the door. She loaded her cart and came back in the office to return her key. She smiled and said, “ When I was here last, I was just old. Now, after 7 months, I return to find that I’m handicapped too! “ We chuckled a bit and then I explained what it was all about. She asked about the big orange stripe across the door. I told her it’s to show that it’s an ADA compliant door. She said, “ Oh, I thought it was in case my eyesight got worse, I could still find my unit. “

    Unlocking the Puzzle of Self Storage

    Last updated 1 day 5 hours ago

    Keeping some of your belongings in boxes and away from your living space may seem like a daunting concept, but with the right knowledge, it can be very useful and convenient. When planning your move, label your boxes, and know how to store your belongings efficiently. Keep reading to unlock the puzzle of self storage.

    Just like any other task, packing your things into a storage unit can be made much easier with the proper preparation. Make sure you keep a record of the items you pack into each different box so you can avoid digging through every box in your storage unit to find what you are looking for. It helps to pack items from the same room in the same boxes, especially if these boxes are going to be transferred to a new house or apartment.

    Not only should you keep a list of the contents of each box, you should consider making copies to attach to the boxes themselves. Your boxes should be labeled with large, legible numbers or letters. Proper labeling will make it very easy to identify the box you need quickly.

    When it comes to physically storing your belongings in the storage unit, it is important to do so carefully. Make sure you use sturdy boxes and fill them to capacity so they do not crumple, bend, or break, this helps to utilize the cubic space upwards and save money by renting a smaller storage unit. Store your belongings according to how often you use them—items you frequently use should be kept towards the front, while those that will go untouched for a while can remain in the back.

    POUCH Self Storage & RV is happy to be in the home of Orange, LA and San Bernardino Counties. Do you want to know more about our storage services? Visit our website or call us at (888) 927-6052 for further information.

    POUCH Happening | Vintage Car

    Last updated 2 days 4 hours ago

    One of our tenants stopped by driving his vintage car. He said he had been renting at POUCH off and on for almost 30 years, or as far back as he can remember.  This was the car he was driving when he rented here the first time.  Seldom can you see this kind of car come by these days.  It created a lot of attention from some of our tenants.  Way to go woody, and thank you for choosing POUCH over these 30 years.

    POUCH Happening | Fresh Coat of Paint

    Last updated 5 days ago

    Starting this past Monday! We are preparing for a new coat of paint to refresh the exterior of your storage home. Come by in the next week to see the renewed building.

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