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POUCH Happening | Fire!!

Pouch happening fire

Wednesday, May 14 at around 12:30 pm, a large, fast moving brush fire erupted near our facility here at POUCH Self Storage – Anaheim. Fallen power lines during high winds and a 104 degree air temperature seemed to be the cause. Several fire companies were summoned and arrived in moments. The winds were driving the flames towards a mobile home park behind our facility. The authorities began evacuating residents and organizing roadblocks. We urged the few tenants on site to drop what they were doing and exit immediately. All left without hesitation and were assured their valuables will be secure. We began directing traffic through our parking lot as the Police used it as an escape route for all the evacuees from the trailer park. We noticed people standing in the hot sun waiting for updates, to help with the wait we offered people a place to sit on our roller carts. In addition, we made our restroom available to those who needed it. By 3:00pm, the majority of the fire was contained and residents were allowed to return to their homes and tenants were allowed back into Anaheim Self Storage. As everyone was heading home, most thanked us for helping them and expressed gratitude for our involvement. Amazingly, all news agencies reported no injuries or fatalities. Great job Anaheim Fire Authority and Police Department!! Oh, and to the staff at Anaheim Self Storage!