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POUCH Happening | Security

pouch security

A lady came by and said she had a reservation.  So I checked our log but can’t find her name.  She then showed me a coupon.  It was from our competitor.  I then told her that we can also match the same price with a better service plus a free truck move.  These features did not convince her and she has already set her mind to rent from the other facility.  The next day she came back and said she wanted to rent here instead.  Out of curiosity I asked her what changed her mind.  She said that on her way out, she read our access hour times and went straight to our competitor. When she arrived there, she saw a lot of people going in and out after office hours. Right this moment our posted access hour times sign became clear on her mind and gave her a sense of security.  That’s it. She rented with us.