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POUCH Happening | ADA Compliant Doors

Pouch Self Storage – Anaheim, recently replaced some of our roll up doors with those that are ADA compliant. These doors are easier for handicapped persons to operate. Some of the spaces chosen already had tenants who were not handicapped. They were picked because of entry way proximity.

One of our lucky tenants had returned after 7 months to start pulling out her holiday decorations and noticed the door. She loaded her cart and came back in the office to return her key. She smiled and said, “ When I was here last, I was just old. Now, after 7 months, I return to find that I’m handicapped too! “ We chuckled a bit and then I explained what it was all about. She asked about the big orange stripe across the door. I told her it’s to show that it’s an ADA compliant door. She said, “ Oh, I thought it was in case my eyesight got worse, I could still find my unit. “

ada door