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Unlocking the Puzzle of Self Storage

Keeping some of your belongings in boxes and away from your living space may seem like a daunting concept, but with the right knowledge, it can be very useful and convenient. When planning your move, label your boxes, and know how to store your belongings efficiently. Keep reading to unlock the puzzle of self storage .

Hand with key and puzzle

Just like any other task, packing your things into a storage unit can be made much easier with the proper preparation. Make sure you  keep a record of the items you pack  into each different box so you can avoid digging through every box in your storage unit to find what you are looking for. It helps to pack items from the same room in the same boxes, especially if these boxes are going to be transferred to a new house or apartment.

Not only should you keep a list of the contents of each box, you should consider making copies to attach to the boxes themselves. Your boxes should be labeled with large, legible numbers or letters. Proper labeling will make it very easy to identify the box you need quickly.

When it comes to physically storing your belongings in the storage unit, it is important to do so carefully. Make sure you use sturdy boxes and fill them to capacity so they do not crumple, bend, or break, this helps to utilize the cubic space upwards and save money by renting a smaller storage unit. Store your belongings according to how often you use them—items you frequently use should be kept towards the front, while those that will go untouched for a while can remain in the back.

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