The Steps of Preparing Your Vehicle for Long-Term Storage

You want to ensure your vehicle is in the same condition when it comes out of self-storage in San Bernardino, Los Angeles, and Orange County as it was when you originally stored it, so it is important to follow the appropriate steps to prepare it. Here is a brief overview of the steps when preparing your vehicle for long-term storage.

Go For a Spin
When you store a vehicle for a substantial amount of time, it helps to take it for a short drive every few weeks and/or start it a minimum of once a week. An occasional 15-minute spin will help keep the battery from dying , and it can also help the various components of your car stay properly lubricated. Run the air conditioner during your drive to refresh the air inside your car. If no one can take your car out for a drive during its time in storage, consider disconnecting the negative battery cable.

Cover the Exterior
A vehicle that will not be in use for some time can typically benefit from a car cover. Although this tends to be more important when you store your vehicle in a garage or parking lot, covering the exterior of your car while it stays in a self-storage unit can still help to protect it from dust accumulation.

Prevent Flat Spots
Nobody wants to take a vehicle out of storage only to find flat spots on the tires; fortunately, this is entirely preventable. Avoid flat spots on your tires by keeping them properly inflated while they remain in storage. Some individuals choose to take their tires off completely so they are not subjected to the weight of the vehicle, and thus are protected from flat spots.

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