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Get Your RV Ready for Long-Term Storage

If you use your RV for summer trips and don’t have the space to store it at your home when you’re not traveling, you may be interested in using an RV storage facility. To protect your RV from damage, there are a few things you can do to prepare it for long-term storage.

Get Your RV Ready for Long-Term Storage in Orange County

Find a Reputable RV Storage Facility
RV storage facilities typically provide open or enclosed RV storage. Enclosed storage units allow you to store your RV inside, surrounded by four walls and a roof. This protects your RV from the weather, as well as vandals and burglars. Open RV storage is usually in a large lot, and RVs are parked in designated parking spots that may or may not offer overhead coverage. If you choose open storage for your RV, make sure that the storage lot is well lit and protected by laser beams, a locked gate, and security cameras.

Clean Your Storage Unit and RV Prior to Storage
If you plan on using an enclosed RV storage unit, make sue to clean your RV beforehand to rid it of dust, dirt, and debris. Take time to investigate the space for signs of rodents or bugs that may damage or infest your vehicle.

Make Necessary Repairs to Your RV
Repair any rips, cracks, or holes that might provide access for pests or allow water to enter your RV, which could cause mold and rust. You should also repair or replace any broken locks, latches, and hinges inside and outside.

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