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Store or Shred? What You Need to Know About Financial Documents

It can be overwhelming to know what financial documents should be placed in storage units and which can be safely shred. Not keeping financial documents for long enough could be problematic if you are audited or if you have issues with your retirement accounts, but having too many records can lead to disorganization.

Which records should you keep in storage units, and which should you shred? Watch this video for advice. Always keep forms that support deductions on your taxes for the window in which you could be audited, and consider keeping forms relating to retirement accounts forever.

Whether you need storage facilities for your records or are ready to shred, POUCH Self Storage has the solutions for you. We offer self-storage units in a variety of sizes, and safe, on-site document shredding. For self-storage in Orange County, please call (800) 378-4598.