Pouch Self Storage & RV Centers has been operating mini storage facilities since 1979. We provide a clean and secure environment for the storage of your personal and business needs.

Blog Posts in 2014

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POUCH Happening | USO Holiday Party

We had a great Holiday Party and themed our event USO in honor of Military Service Personnel. We also would like to thank our Corporate Office staff for making this celebration a memorable and ...
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POUCH Happening | Grace Period

When I checked our messages after Thanksgiving Day, there were multiple messages from one tenant. So I immediately called him back and told him that we were closed for the Thanksgivings Day Holiday ...
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POUCH Happening | Move You Free

It was his lucky day! Our Free Move-In Service is very popular. We usually get reservations for our truck many days or even weeks in advance, and the times fill quickly. Today, there just happened to ...
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POUCH Happening | Rain Prediction

A tenant came in and said he’s 100% sure it won’t rain even if the weather that was forecasted said there’s a 20% chance it will rain. I asked him why he is very sure it won’t ...
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POUCH Happening | Business Storage

Self storage is not only good for people who are in the process of moving but a lot of new and upcoming business owners also need storage space. For example a potential customer came in looking for ...
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Between Two Harbors - A Documentary

“Between Two Harbors” is a beautiful documentary about the healing powers of the ocean with regards to cancer recovery. POUCH Self storage is a passionate supporter of “Between Two ...
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POUCH Happening | A New Space

A customer came in very frustrated and ready to cancel, he complained he had been requesting for a bigger RV space for a while but was never able to get one. We asked what the problem was currently ...
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POUCH Happening | Rainbow

Pouch Self Storage – Anaheim was treated with a little after the rain gift on Sunday. Our tenants didn’t mind a bit of the drizzle as they came in to replace their Thanksgiving decorations ...
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POUCH Happening | Shredding Recognition

A tenant came in and said that he read the comments from our happenings section in Facebook. He said he saw one of our tenants was featured during our Free Shredding Day. He asked why he was not ...
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Using POUCH Self Storage's Moving Trucks

Self storage units serve a number of purposes. They can store items you no longer want at home or office and are reluctant to get rid of or they can help you keep items organized before, during, and ...
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Storing and Shredding Your Records the POUCH Way [INFOGRAPHIC]

Running a business is no easy task, and you may find yourself surrounded by paperwork and files that have overflowed from your storage areas at work. Whether your business is moving or you simply want ...
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Signs It's Time to Downsize Your Home

Your home is one of the most important investments you have in your lifetime. But if through the years you feel your home is too big for your needs, it can turn into more of a chore than something you ...
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POUCH Happening | The Smile Wins

We take great pride in our customer service here at Pouch Self Storage – Anaheim. Another fine example of it happened just last week. A potential new customer came into the office with his wife. ...
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POUCH Happening | Holiday Change

Well, Halloween has past us and now we look forward to Thanksgiving and Christmas. Our tenants here at Pouch Self Storage – Anaheim were busy hustling and bustling with putting away Halloween ...
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Keeping Your Boxes Organized for Storage

Are you getting ready to move into a new space? The earlier you start packing, the less work you will have to do on the days leading up to your move. But once you start packing up your items, you ...
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POUCH Happening | 37 Questions

On Thursday a prospective tenant came in as she put it looking for a unit and a little information for her husband, well her husband just happens to be an attorney and gave her a list of 37 questions. ...
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Changing Your Home's Style With the Seasons

Does your home décor feel outdated now that summer has turned to fall? Try something new! Changing your décor is a fabulous way to celebrate each new season. Check out some of our top ...
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POUCH Happening | "We Move You Free"

Box truck advertising is working! A lady comes in & asks “can I rent your truck to move from 1 house to another?” After Linda explained the advantages of renting a storage space as a ...
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POUCH Happening | ADA Compliant Doors

Pouch Self Storage – Anaheim, recently replaced some of our roll up doors with those that are ADA compliant. These doors are easier for handicapped persons to operate. Some of the spaces chosen ...
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Unlocking the Puzzle of Self Storage

Keeping some of your belongings in boxes and away from your living space may seem like a daunting concept, but with the right knowledge, it can be very useful and convenient. When planning your move, ...
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POUCH Happening | Vintage Car

One of our tenants stopped by driving his vintage car. He said he had been renting at POUCH off and on for almost 30 years, or as far back as he can remember. This was the car he was driving when he ...
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POUCH Happening | Fresh Coat of Paint

Starting this past Monday! We are preparing for a new coat of paint to refresh the exterior of your storage home. Come by in the next week to see the renewed building.
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POUCH Happening | Tamales for the Holidays

One of our tenants is having a Birthday Party for their mother who will be turning 85-years old. She has been working day and night to make dresses for all the grandchildren (20) and flower wreaths ...
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POUCH Happening | Thank you Serrano Horse Stables!

Recently we had some asphalt work completed here at Trabuco Self Storage. This upgrade left us in a bit of a pickle when trying to find parking. As a result of our good standing relationship with our ...
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The On-Site Shredding Process at POUCH

When it comes time to discard important documents, it is important to ensure they are destroyed completely. This prevents others from being able to learn your private information. POUCH Self Storage ...
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